6 Tips For Sales Leaders With Chrome

What Internet browser do you use? Five years ago, this was a silly question for most casual web-surfers and businesses. Browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome were simply used to help you search the Internet. Now, browsers are full fledged business tools.

Chrome has many native features that work well with PipelineDeals to help you become more organized and efficient. We’ve also developed integrations with Chrome & Google Apps to enhance your sales capability. Below are 6 reasons to use Chrome with PipelineDeals.

1 - Never Scribble Calculations on Your NotePad Again

Did you know the URL bar in Chrome does math? Type in calculations in the URL bar and make quick calculations on the fly. This feature is great for quick sales calculations. Try it out!

2 - Auto-launch your favorite pages to Make Your Morning Easier

If you’re like us, there are several websites that you rely on at the beginning of the day to get started. Shouldn’t your browser remember these pages and load up what you need right away? With Chrome, it’s easy to open up a specific set of pages upon startup.

Click on the Three Bar icon and select Settings. From the settings page, click to set your pages to open up upon startup. Chrome will remember these settings and open up your favorite pages when you get started with your day.

3 - Easy Default Email & Calendar Features

Why is it important to setup your default email or calendar? Your default email and calendar is the service that opens up when you click on email links or calendar links on the Internet. The first time you can click on an email in PipelineDeals and open up a message in your favorite email client is bliss.

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever gone through the hassle of trying to setup your default email or calendar service in Internet Explorer or Firefox, you’ll know getting this setup is a pain.

In Chrome, it’s very simple to setup your default email or calendar for Google Apps. Simply sign-in to you email or calendar and look for the symbol that looks like two diamonds. Click on this link and select the option to use your Gmail or Google calendar as the default.

4 - Expand Chrome’s Features With Extensions

The Chrome webstore is full of great and (mostly) free extensions you can add to Chrome. One extension we’d suggest adding is the PipelineDeals LinkedIn Contact Clipper.

Click on the PipelineDeals icon to sync over contacts from LinkedIn to PipelineDeals

Click on the PipelineDeals icon to sync over contacts from LinkedIn to PipelineDeals

Once added to your browser, it adds a PipelineDeals icon in your URL bar when you are in LinkedIn. Click the icon while you are on a profile page and pull that contact’s LinkedIn information into PipelineDeals. Brilliant! One click importing from LinkedIn to PipelineDeals.

5 - Unify Your Online Experience On All Your Devices 

Since 2009, mobile’s share of the browser market has grown from less than 1% to over 30%. We chat with salespeople all the time that move fluidly from using their phone, using a tablet, and using a laptop. With Chrome, you can unify your experience on all platforms. Share your browsing history, favorites/bookmarks, and preferences between all the platforms that you use.

6 - Re-open accidentally closed windows 

We’ve all done it before. One errant click and you accidentally close a window that you wanted to keep open. Chrome has a handy feature that you can use to re-open that recently closed tab.

If you’re a Mac user, click Command + Shift + “T” to re-open the tab. If you’re a PC user, click Control + Shift + “T.” And never panic again when you accidentally close a tab.

Do you have any favorite hacks for Chrome? Or do you use a different web browser? Let us know! Contact us at

Add More Sales Automation With Zapier & PipelineDeals

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at @PipelineDeals.  

Zapier connects the web apps that you use together so that you can automate tasks. With Zapier, you can move data between web apps without having to write any code or pay for a developer. With a few clicks you can easily connect your favorite apps and automate tedious tasks.

We’re excited to announce that PipelineDeals is now available to use with Zapier. With PipelineDeals and Zapier, you can connect your CRM to your favorite web apps and enhance PipelineDeals functionality. For example:

  • Connect LinkedIn to PipelineDeals so that every new connection you make in LinkedIn creates a new contact or lead in PipelineDeals.
  • Link together PipelineDeals and Quickbooks to create a new invoice when a deal is closed.
  • Connect PipelineDeals to hundreds of different web apps, including WuFoo Forms, Constant Contact, Evernote, and more! For featured zaps with PipelineDeals, check out Zapier's Zapbook.

We believe that great apps work even better when they work together. With hundreds of apps available to connect with, Zapier makes it easy to connect PipelineDeals to your favorite apps and saves you time.

Click here to learn how to connect your PipelineDeals account to Zapier today

PipelineDeals Pro Tip: Email Aliases

Do you have multiple email addresses? If you’re like us, you probably have multiple email addresses, or aliases, for your different roles online. With PipelineDeals, you can add additional email addresses into the app so that you can track emails from multiple accounts. 

To add a second or third email alias onto your profile:

1 - Click on the Gear Icon and select My Profile.

2 - Select the option for Email Addresses.

3 - Enter your second or third email addresses.

Adding additional aliases is a great for tracking email into PipelineDeals with different email addresses. Forward messages from an email alias and BCC to track messages sent from an alternate email address into PipelineDeals. You can also use your email alias to forward messages to the For additional information on email tracking in PipelineDeals, read this helpful article.

If you have any issues setting up email aliases or have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at or call us at 866-702-7303.