New Feature - Welcome to the Agenda Tab!

What is the first thing that you do at work in the morning? Grab a cup of coffee? Browse your email? Review your calendar? Whether you are getting started in your career or the CEO of your own company, business leaders agree that you need to start your day organized in order to be as productive as possible.

We Want to Help You Stay Organized

To help you stay organized and on-top of your sales starting first thing in the morning, we’ve added an Agenda tab to the global navigation bar in the app. The Agenda tab is your one-stop location for tasks and events. With its addition to the global navigation bar, you’ll able to navigate to your to-do list from anywhere in the app.

The Agenda tab helps you review, prioritize, or reschedule your most important tasks and events for the day. Using the Simple or Advanced filter, you can use the list view to drill down on future tasks for a hot deal or lead. Quickly postpone multiple tasks or mark multiple tasks or events as complete using bulk actions. View contact cards, record activities and create follow-up tasks in one powerful list view.

Let our agenda tab be your first stop in the morning!

Let our agenda tab be your first stop in the morning!

Starting your day off on the right foot will help you close more deals and get more done. Tomorrow, start your day by clicking on the Agenda tab and get the most out of you day!

How Do You Stay Productive?

What productivity tips do you use to get the most out of your work day? Share your tips in the comment section below.

Get Started with Inbound Marketing in 3 Steps and No Code

By Adam Peterson, CEO of VipeCloud

Buyer behavior has created a new paradigm – a Buyer’s Cycle that is no longer controlled by anyone but the buyer. Organizations must adapt to win. While there are several ways to commit your sales and marketing organization to buyer-responsiveness, one of the most important activities for marketers today is to ramp up their “inbound marketing.”

The best known definition of inbound marketing is “Inbound marketing is a means of promoting a company by sharing content with the outside world,” as coined by Hubspot. Offering high-value content results in pulling your customers to you, as opposed to pushing yourself upon your customers.

This seems like a simple concept, but can quickly get overwhelming for 2 reasons: first, how do you create “content of value” and second, once you have the content, how do you incorporate it into your existing processes?

Here is a three step plan to accomplish this. The first is devoted to your content and the second and third are a “how-to” guide for incorporating inbound marketing into your PipelineDeals CRM.

Step 1 - Develop Inbound Marketing Quality Content

Let’s not confuse inbound marketing quality content with blog articles. A solid goal for inbound marketing quality content is one to two pieces per quarter. A few basics about content marketing:

  • Ideas can include an infographic from, a 6-8 page eBook, or a quarterly report on data from your own product/service that can serve as industry benchmarking.

  • Your content will be more successful if you provide high level, industry “thought leadership” as opposed to any discussion about your actual product / service.

  • Remember to create the content for a well-defined reader (your audience) and be sure to offer a specific action as a next step from within the content! Balance the ideas presented in the content with a way to help your readers get started.

One of the best resources I’ve come across about how to get started with content marketing is kapost’s Blue Print of a Modern Marketing Campaign.

May the Muses be with you.

Step 2 - Define a Process for What to Do with Your Leads

Once you have your content, you’ll want to make it available via a signup form (Step 3) and distribute it on your website, blog, social channels, newsletter, etc. But first you should have a plan for how your organization will respond to any sign ups. A good “straw man” game plan is to follow up each week and in each follow up, provide more value.

For example, a few days after someone downloads your content, give them a call and say something along the lines of “I saw you downloaded our [Guide], and after reviewing your [website/LinkedIn/whatever] I have a couple ideas. I’ll email them to you now.” Then send them an email with a couple additional ideas beyond your original content and offer to walk them through it. Rinse and repeat for 3-4 weeks, each time with something new and of value.

If you never connect and they never respond after a few attempts, send them a final ping to let them know it doesn’t appear [subject of the content] is important to them this year so you’ll stop reaching out to them, however, they are welcome to reach out to you if that changes. Drop their name into your “nurturing” status and let them be with occasional pings from your newsletter.

Step 3 - Make Your Systems Match Your Strategy

You’ve now got content and an “inbound” strategy. How do you make the rubber hit the road? Web2Leads. Web2Leads allows you to automatically create people in PipelineDeals with a status, source, todo template, tags, etc. when a form is completed. There are 3 parts required for this process:

  1. A landing page that provides context to a viewer about why they are filling out a form, and what they will get when they do.

  2. A form on the landing page with Web2Leads enabled.

  3. A thank you page that provides a way to download your content of value, once the form is submitted. Often the thank you page will inform the person they have been emailed a download link.

Web2Leads is very much a “begin with the end in mind” concept. When people complete your Web2Leads forms, what lead status will they have in PipelineDeals? What campaign will be given credit (Lead Source)? And are there any tags or a todo template that should be applied to the lead per your strategy above?

The first implementation step is to answer these questions and create the appropriate lead source, person status, todo template, and tags in PipelineDeals.

Setting up PipelineDeals

The following can be setup in your account settings (you’ll have to have admin permission):

  1. A To-do Template - map your strategy above to steps in a To-do Template.

  2. A Source - measure how effective your content signups are at converting to paying customers.

  3. Person Tag(s) - for ease of filtering through people in PipelineDeals, create a tag or two. We use “Inbound,” “Content Download,” and the name of the content.

  4. Person Status - should this person be flagged as warm or hot, considering they took initiative to request some of your content?

Creating the above is the hardest part of this process! Now you just need a landing page, web2leads enabled form, and a thank you page with downloadable content available.  You’re welcome to build each of these on your own with the help of the PipelineDeals API Documentation.

If, however, you don’t know how to code, don’t want to, or simply want to speed up the process, VipeCloud offers plug-and-play landing pages, sign up forms, and content downloads with no coding. Below are instructions and for how to finish your inbound marketing setup, without any coding, using VipeCloud.

Setting up VipeCloud

VipeCloud is a Customer Interaction Platform that is integrated with PipelineDeals. Once you have a VipeCloud account:

  1. Connect PipelineDeals and VipeCloud - using your PipelineDeals API and Web2Leads keys, connect the two systems.

  2. Upload your content to VipeCloud - once uploaded, create a named link. For example, “Website Download” and make sure the share property is set to Prompt Download. Copy the named link to your clipboard.

Note, VipeCloud offers signup form capabilities for free and you can manually add form sign ups as people in your CRM. Pro level users can enable the web-to-leads connection with PipelineDeals and auto-create people with to-do templates, tags, etc.

Making the Magic Happen

VipeCloud and PipelineDeals are now connected. Let’s create a signup form and set the signups to be Web2Leads in PipelineDeals. Below are step by step instructions and here’s a quick video overview that also includes best practices for setting up your signup form.

  1. Create a new, empty list in VipeCloud.

  2. Click on “Sign Up Form” next to your new list, and enable the signup form.

  3. Give the new form a title, description, and check the fields you want to require. (we suggest checking them all).

  4. Paste the named link on your clipboard into either the thank you message or the thank you email. This is how the person will access your content after completing your form.

  5. Select the checkbox to enabled Web-To-Leads and choose from the dropdowns the tags, source, to-do template, etc that you created when setting up PipelineDeals.

That’s it! Your form link will now create Web2Leads in PipelineDeals! Add the form link to a blog post introducing your content, or simply share the form link in an email, on social, etc. and you’ll start your inbound marketing engine!

Adam is the Founder and CEO of VipeCloud, your Customer Interaction Platform. Adam enjoys startups, sailboat racing, hanging with his dog, mentoring entrepreneurs, and triathlons. Follow him @adamvipe.

PipelineDeals Pro-Tips: Optimize Your Profile Pages

Salespeople are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all view for every sales workflow. We’ve worked with thousands of salespersons over the last eight years, and we pride ourselves on making it simple for you to customize your CRM. This week's pro-tip highlights how users can customize profile pages to determine how they want to view people and deals.

With custom profile pages, you can rearrange the profile pages for People, Deals, and Companies to match your workflow. This feature enables you to open or collapse relevant information, and rearrange the profile to view your data in a way that best suits your needs.

Do you want to view your custom fields near the top of the profile page? No problem! Drag the custom fields section to the top of the page. Even better, PipelineDeals will remember your preferences so that you view future profile pages in the way that you want.

Some PipelineDeals pros like to collapse activities from their view to focus on other relevant data. You can do this by clicking to collapse the activities tile so you can focus on what’s most important for you in the moment.

We’re excited to let you further personalize your PipelineDeals CRM with custom profile pages. Also, we want to hear what you think about this new feature! Email us or call us at 866-702-7303, and let us know what you think.