Holiday Customer Care Hours At PipelineDeals

2014 is quickly winding down and we want to take another opportunity to say thanks to all of our customers. We love being a part of your sales success, and we're looking forward to additional success with you in the new year.

Our team will be taking time off this holiday season to celebrate the Christmas and New Years holidays with family and friends. 

Our Customer Care team will be unavailable via the phone or email on the following days:

  • Thursday, December 25th
  • Friday, December 26th
  • Thursday, January 1st

If you do have any questions, please check out our support site or send us an email at We will respond to you as soon as we return from our holiday break.

Good luck closing out some last minute deals for 2014, and we're excited to help you close more deals in 2015!

New Integration - integrates with PipelineDeals to make backing up your data a snap!

At PipelineDeals, we’ve always been serious about your data’s security and integrity. Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and we appreciate the trust that you’ve placed in us.

Some businesses need an even higher degree of control however, and need the ability to view and revert changes to their database on demand. With, you can automatically back up your PipelineDeals data on a separate platform using their simple backup tool. is a software company that provides searchable daily backups of cloud-based applications like PipelineDeals. Recently, they integrated with PipelineDeals to provide once-a-day backups of your customer data. Please note that in order to use to backup your PipelineDeals account, you must be your account’s administrator and have access to your API key.

Revert offers an intuitive search function to search across your data.

Revert offers an intuitive search function to search across your data.

You can use to track historical versions of your PipelineDeals data. If someone accidentally deletes records or makes an error while editing a file, lets you restore your data to a previous version on demand.

Revert lets you view version history of your PipelineDeals data and revert to a past version

Revert lets you view version history of your PipelineDeals data and revert to a past version

In addition to back up your PipelineDeals data, you can use Revert to backup your MailChimp, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud-based data. currently offers Starter ($0/month) and Pro ($9/month) plans, although you will need to purchase their Pro plan in order to backup your PipelineDeals account. Similarly to PipelineDeals though, you can trial before you buy and see if it will work for you and your business.

Your data is critical to the success of your business. If you need a higher degree of control on reverting your data, or just want the piece of mind of having an additional backup, check out!


3 New Enhancements For To-Do's and Merges

Our development team has been hard at work this holiday season adding little gifts for our customers into the app. These enhancements to the app have been seamlessly added the last couple of weeks. Today, we’re pleased to highlight three additions to the app you can use to stay organized and close more deals in the final weeks of 2014.

Global Add Task & Event


The global +Add button appears on every page in the app at the top of the page. You can use this button to add People, Deals, Companies, and now, Tasks & Events! Simply click on the +Add button on any page in the app to create a new to-do item for your agenda.

This feature is great for adding singular tasks and events with one click. The +Add button and the new global add task and event feature will help you stay organized and efficient.

Created At Dates For Agenda Items

This small addition to the app is a big win for salespeople who set goals to add bookings each week. From the Agenda tab, you can now add the created at date for tasks and events to the list view. Simply click on Select Columns and click the check box next to “Created At” to view the date in which you’ve added a new task or event.

There are number of useful ways you could utilize this feature. For example, you could create a “Weekly Bookings Report” to report on the number of meetings that you’ve scheduled during a specific week. You can take the weekly bookings report to the next level by comparing your bookings against completed meetings for the week or month, or compare against won deals.

Flip-Flop Merges – So you never make a merger mistake ever again


Duplicate data happens. When it happens, you need to be able to easily and reliably merge your profiles together.

One pain point for customers in the past has been the order in which you choose to merge profiles. Our development team has cured this pain by adding a “Flip” button to the merge profile screen. Easily flip two profiles you wish to merge to decide which profile is staying and which is going by clicking the flip button.

Coming up next…

This week’s new features are enhancements to make your PipelineDeals experience even better. Created at Dates and Flip-Flop Merges came directly from pain points our customers shared with us – and now they’re fixed! If you have a suggestion for an improvement to the app, please let us know.