4 Tips For Setting Effective Sales Goals

By Lisa DeYoung - Follow Her @LisaADeYoung

For sales leaders, there is no shortage of challenge when it comes to setting and reaching sales goals. Keeping the sales team focused and motivated is key to achieving success. Setting clear sales goals and coaching the team through the process will give team members the tools necessary to bring in more money and crush those quotas.

What is most important for sales leaders to consider when setting goals for their sales team? Here is our list of key areas to focus attention when setting goals as a sales leader:

1 - Set goals for the sales team that are specific and measurable. Provide detailed expectations as well as specific dollar amounts and deadlines.

2 - Based on these goals, work with individual members of the team to teach them how to  best contribute given their strengths and expertise.

3 - Seize the opportunity to coach individual team members on how to not only play up their strengths, but improve in areas where they lack experience.

4 - Don’t forget about your own self-improvement. Setting and pursuing goals is a great opportunity for reflecting on how you can up your selling game. This is also prime time to refine your coaching skills and become a better leader.

A sales team with a clear view of their goals, specific metrics for success and an engaged and insightful sales leader, is sure to shine bright and win more deals!

Utilizing a CRM provides extra muscle in the goal setting process. PipelineDeals is a wonderful toolset for helping sales leaders set and track their team’s sales goals. Learn more about goal setting and tracking in PipelineDeals.

Lisa is a Customer Ambassador at PipelineDeals and a graduate of Washington State University. Prior to joining PipelineDeals, Lisa spent 8 years working in the wine industry.

Build Better Workflows With Our Enhanced Task Template Feature

The most successful salespeople that we know have a well-developed sales methodology. They prospect, qualify leads, and work deals through a sales pipeline using a consistent workflow. While highly effective salespeople tweak and experiment with their messages to see what works best, often times they’re testing these messages within a standard workflow. Often times, successful sales teams have tested to find a sales methodology that works and then they apply that workflow over and over again.

Task templates are easy to add from a person or deal profile page

Task templates are easy to add from a person or deal profile page

We developed task templates in PipelineDeals to help salespeople build standard workflows for lead management and deal tracking. A task template is a custom series of tasks that can be applied to People or Deals in your account.

To apply a task template, navigate to a Person or Deal profile page and click on the “Template” button in the Tasks & Events tile. Select which task template that you want to apply, and a series of tasks will be assigned for you to complete. If you need to postpone one of the tasks in your template, PipelineDeals will automatically postpone every task in the series. To add more task templates, please read this support article about how account admins can add task templates.

Task templates are a great way to automate stages in your sales process:

  • Standardize your lead qualification process with a task template

  • Guide salespeople through the stages of your pipeline with task templates for each stage of your pipeline

  • Want to make sure that you’re following up with a buyer after a sale for a new opportunity? Create a post-deal task template to remind you to follow-up for potential cross-sells or upsells.

Discover what works, refine your process, and repeat.

Discover what works, refine your process, and repeat.

Building a standard workflow for sales is crucial for growing your business. If you’re having a hard time getting started, or you are looking for more resources, check out this video of our founder JP Werlin talking about how we got started with our sales process. Also, check out the Powering the Pipeline series that discusses how we’ve grown in sales at PipelineDeals.

Still need more assistance? Email us at We’re happy to help!

PayrollHero Brings the Philippines to the Cloud with PipelineDeals

You can rule your sales universe too! Try PipelineDeals free for 14-Days.

Mike Stephenson and Stephen Jagger moved to the Philippines from Canada in 2008 looking for an outsourcing company, and decided to found a business instead. PayrollHero is time-tracking, attendance, and scheduling software for businesses. Co-Founder Stephen Jagger sat down with PipelineDeals to discuss founding a business in an emerging market and why they chose PipelineDeals.

Tell us a little bit more about Payroll Hero and your industry.

Mike and I originally built PayrollHero because of a major pain-point in our own business. Tracking time, attendance, and scheduling in the Philippines was difficult for a variety of reasons. We spent lots of time manually tracking employee time, and needed a system to easily schedule and track hours. We couldn’t find a good solution for our business, so we built our own.

After showing our program to some of our business colleagues in Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) local Philippines chapter, we realized a lot of other businesses needed a system to track payroll too. That’s when we decided to found

A unique and whimsical feature of PayrollHero

The Philippines has a lot of unique and nuanced labor laws and tax codes. PayrollHero makes it easy for businesses to ensure they are following local laws, tracking employee time, and processing payroll. We founded PayrollHero in 2012, and we’ve focused on building out the product and feature-sets over the past two years. We now offer for worldwide payroll processing, and for the Philippines.

What are some of the unique challenges and problems that you have with sales?

The acceptance and adoption of cloud-based technologies is on the rise in the Philippines, but most businesses are still learning about SaaS (Software as a Service) products. It’s amazing to see how the Philippines is skipping over traditional software to the cloud! We focus on education during the sales process and the benefits of using cloud based software.

In addition to introducing businesses to SaaS, the sales cycle for products in the Philippines is further complicated by the structure of businesses here. Many businesses are family based businesses, and there may be multiple decision-makers in the family for any major business decision. For example, the CEO of the business may have to also vet decisions through their mother and father who co-own the business. We need to build trust with multiple decision-makers who have widely different buying personas.

Internally, we’ve tried using other CRM products like Highrise or SalesForce to track this complex sales cycle. They were either too small or too complicated for what we needed to be able to track. We were happy when we found PipelineDeals.

Were there any specific features or functions that convinced you to choose PipelineDeals?

We like the integration with MailChimp for email marketing. This has been helpful for us to keep in touch with our buyers and know who is viewing our material. Additionally, as a SaaS company, we appreciate how well PipelineDeals updates across all the platforms that we use.

On the deals side, we like that we’re able to quickly characterize deals as hot, warm or cold. We’ve been dabbling into reports that we can build on the deals page as well, and we appreciate how flexible the reporting is.

How do envision PipelineDeals helping your business?

Our business is split between the Philippines and Whistler (in British Columbia), and it’s really important that our two teams are on the same page. We sell two different products from opposite sides of the globe, and PipelineDeals helps us stay on top of things. We funnel leads from the Philippines to Canada, and from Canada to the Philippines, and depend on PipelineDeals to stay on top of our deals.

Would you recommend PipelineDeals to other people in your industry?

I would definitely recommend PipelineDeals to other software businesses. We’ve spoken to many other companies in emerging markets, and competitors like SalesForce are too complicated for most businesses needs.

The neat thing about PipelineDeals is that you can just set it up and go. The onboarding process was slick and easy too. Selling into emerging markets has lots of unique challenges and PipelineDeals is helping us grow PayrollHero.

You can rule your sales universe too! Try PipelineDeals free for 14-Days.