3 Strategies to Increase Your Email ROI

Email is critical to moving leads through your sales pipeline. Find out 3 strategies to increase ROI from email

A significant part of a salesperson’s workday is spent in email. And given a recent McKinsey Global Institute Report, it’s no surprise why. According to the report:

Graph Courtesy of

Graph Courtesy of

  • 58% of salespeople check their inboxes first-thing when they get to work

  • 72% of companies say that email is the primary form of education

  • Companies report that email has 2X ROI compared to other sales channels

If email is so critical to business, why can email also be so frustrating? One reason may be that it can often feel like most of your emails are never acted upon by the recipient. It’s frustrating to continuously draft emails that never get opened and never engage your leads.  

To help you get started getting more out of your sales emails, we’ve gathered together 3 strategies you can start implementing today to improve your sales email and increase your email ROI.

  1. Test When You Send Emails
  2. Re-Think the Messages You Send to Prospects
  3. It’s a communication strategy, not an email-only strategy

1 - Test When You Send Emails

With email, timing is everything. Just because you are ready to send out an email before you leave at the end of the day does not mean your leads are ready to read it. Professional email marketers have been using software and experimenting to find the best time to send email for years now. And their conclusion on when the best time is to send email? It depends.

Email is only effective if your lead is prepared to read and absorb it. In some industries and market sectors, this means emailing in the morning. In other industries, the best time to reach someone is over the weekend. To find the right time to email the types of leads in your market, you will need to test sending out email at different times and review the results.

TIP - there is a growing list of sales tools that help salespeople judge the best time to communicate with their contacts and leads. PipelineDeals recently released Accelerator, the first email acceleration tool native to CRM that provides detailed analytics on when someone opens an email, clicks or downloads content. They even provide a handy engagement chart which details the best times to send out email based off aggregated results of other salespeople. Find out more about Accelerator.

Accelerator for PipelineDeals helps you identify the best time to send email for maximum engagement

Accelerator for PipelineDeals helps you identify the best time to send email for maximum engagement

2 - Re-think the messages you send to prospects

If you’re in sales, you’ve probably had the experience of writing a well-crafted email message that gets zero replies. What gives?

One problem that salespeople have with email is that they don’t communicate in their customers language. The best emails are personal and written in a language that matches the business and industry for your customer.

What’s a growth hacker? I’m a marketer.

If you haven’t heard the term Growth Hacker before, don’t worry. The term Growth Hacker is a modern term popularized by (primarily) software startups to describe someone who uses a combination of analytics, social media, software, and other tools to grow quickly. In other words, a Growth Hacker is a marketer.

If your lead is in the startup community or you are selling to a tech company, your lead may think about themselves as a growth hacker. If you’re selling into the restaurant industry or into construction, the term growth hacker may not make a lot of sense.

Speak your lead’s language

Email should speak the language of your ideal buyer. If your emails are getting low response rates or low open rates, it may mean that your emails don’t connect with your buyer.

TIP - If you’re not sure what the optimal language is for your emails, run email tests and see what gets the best result. The SDR (sales development rep) team at PipelineDeals recently ran an A/B test to discover the right language to maximize booking appointments for our account executives. By making small changes to the language that they used to communicate with potential buyers, they were able to improve the number of bookings they achieved by 65%.

We created an example of the template that we used for this analysis that you can download here.

Example of an A/B test you can use to test language in your email. Click to download your own template!

Example of an A/B test you can use to test language in your email. Click to download your own template!

3 - It’s a communication strategy - not an email strategy.

Tenacity and persistence pays off in sales. Even if you’re emailing a lead that your marketers have warmed up for you, it still takes on average between 5 to 10 touchpoints to connect with a lead. What do you do if you continue to email a lead, but you never receive a response?

Keep Going & Combine Communication Channels

If you’re using a product like PipelineDeals Accelerator, you’ll know if someone is opening your email. If someone is opening up your email or clicking on the content they’re sharing with you, you have their attention. Don’t rely on your lead to follow-up with you and strike while the iron is hot!

Email is a part of your communication strategy - not the only part!

Email is a part of your communication strategy - not the only part!

Call them and tell them you wanted to draw their attention to something specific in your message. Be purposeful in your communication – even if they can’t talk to you right at that moment, schedule time to connect with them in the future.

Email is one of several communication tools that you have as a salesperson. Use it to automate your sales process, and combine email with phone calls, social media like LinkedIn, or other communication methods to maximize the number of touchpoints you have with your leads.

What strategies do you use to maximize the ROI you get from email? Include your strategies in the comments section below.

PipelineDeals Introduces Accelerator - Email Acceleration For Sales

PipelineDeals releases Accelerator, an email acceleration tool that lets you know what happens after you click send. Find out how to accelerate deals through your pipeline with our new tool.

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Email is an indispensable tool in sales. Email can also be frustratingly non-transparent. Is your email really helping you connect with your prospects and drive sales forward? Imagine what you could do if you knew who was engaged with your email. Thankfully, you no longer have to imagine.

PipelineDeals is proud to announce the release of Accelerator - an email acceleration tool for salespeople that want to close more deals faster. Accelerator is a powerful new tool for sales that will help you qualify leads faster and move more deals through your sales pipeline. You will know who opens your email, clicks or downloads content, and how to best follow-up with your leads. Even better, Accelerator is native to PipelineDeals and lets you send and track email directly from your CRM.

Track valuable email analytics right in PipelineDeals using Accelerator

Track valuable email analytics right in PipelineDeals using Accelerator

Early adopter Andy Hudson, President of Step Strategic marketing, has already incorporated this new tool into his workday. As Andy states, “With Accelerator, my salespeople know when they have someone’s attention and they can prioritize and personalize how to follow-up. Since we’ve started using Accelerator, we have cut our time to close by 25%.” The introduction of email acceleration will help your salespeople sell more with less effort.

Send trackable emails to individuals or groups using PipelineDeals Accelerator

Send trackable emails to individuals or groups using PipelineDeals Accelerator

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My Lucky Break Contest

Success and luck in business can sometimes feel inseparable. Indeed, even the legendary sales professional Zig Ziglar paraphrased a famous quote about luck by saying, “success is when opportunity [i.e. luck]  meets preparation.” We’re confident that Accelerator will provide you success by empowering your salespeople to act when the opportunity is right to take advantage of their lucky break.

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Share your lucky break and your business may win free tickets to Accelerate Sales 2015 & be featured on our website.

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