10 Ways PipelineDeals Can Help as a Lead Management Tool

Do you want to improve your lead management process? PipelineDeals provides tips on how to do just that. 

By Paige Thomas, Customer Care Manager at PipelineDeals

Are you looking to improve your lead management process? For optimal sales results, it’s important to develop an easy and efficient way for your employees to track a lead through every step of a sale. Our Customer Care team came up with some helpful tips based on best practices we see most commonly used.

1) Define Deal Stages. Customized deal stages allow you to define your sales process. Think about the steps your sales team makes from the start of a deal all the way through the close, and set them up as deal stages. From there, a probability is associated with each stage and indicates how likely a deal is to close. Administrators of an account can update deal stages within the account settings section of the app.

2) Customize People Status. Statuses help sort and prioritize your relationships with people. You can edit the default statuses or add new ones in your account settings.

3) Add Custom Fields. If you have information you want to capture about a lead but you don’t see a field in PipelineDeals that fits that information, you can add Custom Fields. Any administrator can utilize the custom fields section in account settings to create and edit custom fields for Companies, Deals, or People.

4) Reduce Clutter. A common mistake that we see is bad data imported into PipelineDeals from the start. We highly recommend cleaning up your data prior to completing an import and regularly keeping it up to date. We know this task can be tedious. But, we assure you, it’ll pay off in the long run to allow you to be more efficient and effective. Click to view our import overview.

5) Automate lead follow up based on source. Creating different to-do templates in your account settings based on the lead source can be an efficient way to properly define the type of follow-up necessary for a lead. Just go to the Agenda portion of an individual record and select the template you would like to apply.

Pro Tip: If you have our Accelerator plan, you can automate this process using Automations.

6) Set a default customized list view in the agenda tab. The customized List View allows you to quickly identify what tasks/events need to be completed that day. By selecting the gear icon, you can set a default list view to automatically open any time you select the Agenda Tab.

Pro Tip: Click on Manage Columns and add additional columns such as their work state or country (which will help you determine their time zone), phone number or email address to conveniently complete your daily list, all right within the Agenda Tab.

7) Manage new untouched leads and overdue leads. Use the Status, Stage or Has Deals columns to identify which leads are overdue for a response. You can use the Latest Activity column to find out what deals have been untouched. You can find these fields by pressing Manage Columns and entering the name of the field in the search bar. Make sure to save the list for future use or even set it as a default list view for regular use.

Pro Tip: Our Accelerator plan easily allows you to send out individual or bulk trackable emails, through your own email provider, within PipelineDeals. With the Accelerator plan, you also have access to fields like Hours to First Activity, Days Since Last Activity, and Days in Stage Fields.

8) Starred Lists. If you have commonly used list views, create a Starred List view to display on your Home Tab to easily access your regularly used lists.

9) Snap Shot. For a quick look at all of the active or expected to close deals within a given timeframe, check out the main report on the Home Tab. If you press the carrot next to My Pipeline, you have the opportunity to look at stats for all users or individual users.

10) Archive Deals. Don’t delete your old lost and won deals! You can Archive Deals to remove them from your report totals on the Deals and Reports tabs. This will allow you to look at a more accurate display of data without losing historical data on deals you’ve already moved on from.

If you would like any additional information or clarification, our Customer Care team is always happy to help in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us. We would rather you do that, than sit and spin your wheels.

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