PipelineDeals Unveils Simple Lead Tracking

Today, PipelineDeals is unveiling the first phase of some enhanced capabilities for simple lead tracking and reporting.

Today, PipelineDeals is unveiling the first phase of some enhanced capabilities for simple lead tracking and reporting.  The new features are the results of many requests from our user base.  Thanks to all for providing input to our development process.

Browse Contacts

You will first notice a new and improved contacts finder.  We added new capabilities to quickly find contacts by company, tags, lead source (explained later), keyword, and last name. Now you have multiple ways to quickly find a contact or lead with just a click or two, and can see more results per page with just the basic contact info.  Just click on the contact’s name to see the full profile, or click edit to edit basic information.


Add Contacts / Lead

First, what is a lead?  Well, a lead is really nothing more than a contact or person that you want to do business with.  You may receive the lead from any number of sources:  a phone call to your business, a trade show, a referral,  your website, an email marketing campaign, google ads, or any of your marketing or advertising efforts.

PipelineDeals now provides a quick and easy way to capture just the basic information you need to get a lead into the system.  Of course, you can add more information if you like just by clicking display more fields. In addition, you can automatically assign a lead source (e.g. where did you get the lead or contact from) on the fly.


Lead Sources

Lead Sources can be added or customized when adding a new lead into the system.  Lead sources also automatically show up for all your team members, so that you can manage and track where you are getting the most bang for your marketing $ and track the lead source across all team members.

Why Track Lead Sources?

Simply put, tracking lead sources helps you understand if your marketing programs and initiatives are generating sales for your business.  If you spend $2500 on a trade show or marketing program, you should know how many deals came out of it, and who did what to try to close the deals.

Assigning Leads

You can also assign leads to any member of your organization.  Just select a member to assign, include a short note about the lead, and the lead will show up on the your team member’s PipelineDeals home page.  An email notification will also be sent to your team member with the short note.

This feature can be used if you use an inside sales organization or have someone cold calling or focused on pre-qualifying prospects, then handing the lead off to another member of the sales team. 


Lead Reports

PipelineDeals offers some simple lead tracking reports that allow you to answer the following questions:

  • Who is the lead, person and company?
  • Who owns which leads?
  • Which leads have been assigned?
  • Have any leads been converted to a won deal? 
  • How much sales $ have come from a specific lead source?
  • Where do my leads come from?


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