Be Part of the Solution

At PipelineDeals we strive to make software part of the solution for
small to medium sized businesses. Specifically, the solution to the age
old problem of how to effectively and efficiently run a company by
saving time, money and energy. Our team at PipelineDeals gets our
motivation from both positive and negative feedback. Our favorite
positive feedback centers on comments to the effect of: "I am building
my business around PipelineDeals".

The concept of building your business around certain software
solutions is not new. What is new, and fun for us is to be a part of,
is the degree to which people ingrain PipelineDeals as part of their
business process. Technology is only one leg to the three legged stool
with the other two legs consisting of People and Process. As current or
future customers of PipelineDeals think about how to use our Product
(or is it a service?), we encourage them to think about the People and
the Process alongside the Technology. Be sure to ask yourself questions
along the lines of:

– For new sales prospects how am I going to get the initial deal data into PipelineDeals?
– What people are responsible for keeping PipelineDeals current?
– How can I make sure others in my company are using PipelineDeals?

At PipelineDeals we understand the Technology itself is not the
solution but it is the enabler of the solution. We enjoy being the
enabler. PipelineDeals can be the slickest on demand app out there but
that means nothing without the People and the Processes. If you need
help thinking through the best way to make PipelineDeals part of your
company, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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