Calendar Integration

Just a quick post on some better calendar integration options you have now with the PipelineDeals Calendar.

Our calendar is built using the standard ical calendar format.  You can read more about the ical format here in Wikipedia.  We made some small adjustments and our calendar is now working with Google Calendar.  Keep in mind, this is read only access in Google Calendar.

Not that it should also work with any ical supported calendar such as 30boxes, and even Microsoft Outlook (2007).

How to see your PipelineDeals calendar in Google Calendar?
Follow the steps below to see your Pipeline Calendar in your Google Calendar.

Step 1 – Click on Manage Calendars.
This is a small link on the left navigation below your existing calendars

Step 2 – Click Add Calendar

Step 3 – Select the Public Calendar Address Tab

Step 4 – Copy and paste the PipelineDeals calendar address into the box.

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