Sales Pipeline Reports Go Interactive

PipelineDeals Announces Interactive Sales Pipeline Reporting Feature

Today, PipelineDeals launched a new feature today enhancing its sales pipeline reporting capabilities. Most sales pipeline reports within CRM tools provide static information relying on the sales agent to update their deals regularly and often. By the time, you have your sales meeting to review your deals, the information is obsolete, the deal is closed, or the situation has changed and the agent may not have had a chance to update their information in the CRM tool.

Our new interactive sales pipeline report provides a sales tool to manage your deals on the fly and update the information quickly and simply. Just review your My Pipeline Report from the Reports menu, and click to edit a specific field. You can edit your deal summary, sales stage, status, probability to close, and expected close date.


Prior to this feature, sales agents would have to update the status on each of the individual deals one at a time. Now, sales agents can update their deal information from one simple sales pipeline report thereby minimizing administration and maximizing your sales agents’ selling time.

Facilitating a Simple Sales Pipeline Review Process

Here are few ideas for how to use the new sales pipeline report to review your opportunities with your team:

* Your team sells as normal, and updates their deal information using notes, milestones as they normally do as well as updating deal stage, probability and status

* You meet as a team on a weekly basis to review deals using the interactive sales pipeline report

* An executive or manager facilitates the meeting using the interactive sales pipeline report

* Each sales agent provides an update on their key business deals

* After some discussion, the executive or manager can update and change the deal information based on the conversation

Please let us know what you think of the feature.

Thanks to our loyal user base for requesting such a highly useful and interesting product feature.

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