Thank You Customers

A quick note of thanks to all of our Subscribers and Users collectively our Customers. Please accept our heartfelt thank you for your vote of confidence and your commitment to us this year. We will continue to endeavor to over deliver on our end of the bargain. We will continue to bring you an ever-evolving service application that can grow with you as you grow and bring you new and innovative ways to drive sales for your company. Many of our recent feature improvements were driven by customers (thanks George, thanks Tom C.) and we continue to listen and evaluate each request that comes in. The great news is many of them get acted upon.

We have designed our pricing and business around simplicity. We don’t ask our Customers for a long term commitment and are happy to prove our value to your business every month. This keeps us sharp and evolving – call it the “Darwinian Approach” to software. We have all witnessed the wild phenomena of Natural Selection play out in the software world and we realize that the sales tool must evolve or die. (Simply insert the word “software” for “organism” and “functionality” for “traits”.) We are betting on the former – evolving. Rest assured we have improvements and refinements on our to do list that we will be releasing regularly over the coming months and beyond. We look at our business through an organic lens – this is not an app that ever gets put on the shelf or is “done”. We appreciate you jumping on board for the ride.

We take your business with us very seriously and thank you once again.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at

Nick Bertolino, JP Werlin

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