Use the down time to get ahead

This time of year many individuals take the time off to rest and relax. Many of our new customers are capitalizing on this downtime to get ahead of their competition. We are seeing a rash of sales teams getting a jump on the new year by investing in a sales tool – our sales tool. Sales teams of all sorts are really understanding the power of software to empower their sales efforts.

Use the brief hiatus during this time of year to make your professional resolutions a reality. The top tasks people are accomplishing with include:

Updating Contact Information – keeping leads and prospects contact information current is a never-ending task. Many smart sales teams are updating and validating contact information to minimize low value time during the coming 2007 sales season.

Preparing a Plan of Attack – There are no two ways about it – sales by definition is intense and competitive. Sales teams with a plan of how to win are miles ahead. Use our sales tool to help you organize and strategize your plan of attack come the new year.

Evaluating past success and failure – Reflecting on what went right for your team and what went wrong is an important part of improvement. Existing customers are able to review won and lost deals to help adjust selling strategies for 2007. New customers are using the deals notes to make sure successful elements from closed deals last year are incorporated in future selling processes.

Making the Switch – Many former customers of other CRM packages choose our sales tool to save money, increase productivity and because they subscribe to our philosophy. Many customers are using this time to set up their sales efforts on and import their current sales data. We have minimized the work on your side to switch off of the old platforms and onto ours. You can learn more here.

Practicing – Like with anything new, it takes a little effort to learn We have designed our software to be intuitive and easy to use for the one person business to the 30 person sales force. is your weapon and your proficiency will only increase over time. A little time spent now, learning how to best leverage our sales tool for your use, will pay dividends in the months and years to come.

Don’t let your competition get too far ahead. Wisely use the brief respite you have now so that you hit the ground running in 2007.

Best of luck to you in the coming year and happy selling.

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