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The housing market may be slumping but this is not true for software that helps the real estate industry. At we are seeing a renewed conviction by real estate agents and brokers to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Now more than ever real estate agents need to covet each lead and work even more diligently to earn a listing and ultimately a sale.Agent

Many agents from some of the most recognized real estate brands in the nation have chosen to help manage their business. Real Estate is one industry that hinges on an agent’s reputation. “Word of Mouth” marketing might have a fancy new acronym (“WOM”) but real estate agents have been relying on word of mouth for decades. The best agents know that they are only as good as the last happy clients they sold a house to or sold a house for. Now that inventory is staying on the market longer and median home prices have retreated, real estate agents are challenged to find new tools and methods to tackle the lifeline of their business (and every business) – future revenue.

At we find real estate agents and brokers using the application in a few different ways. One common theme is that the “deal” in is the property itself although some use the people – either the prospective buyer or the prospective seller. Using the property as the deal allows the real estate agent more flexibility. The real estate agent can of course assign the owner (aka seller) as a person in the deal along with any appraisers, inspectors or mortgage lending people involved in the transaction.

Of course the important person to match up to the property is the buyer. We are seeing more usage and coordination within team of agents. One agent will enter a prospective buyer’s desires for a property by entering a lead into In PipelineDeals with the Contact Sharing functionality, fellow agents can then look within the application to make a potential pairing resulting in a showing and hopefully culminating in a sale.

At we would welcome the opportunity to show you this and more ways our application can help you as a real estate agent win. As the old adage goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get .”

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