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Real Estate Agents Leverage Pipeline Sales Tool

For many real estate professionals, the notion of leveraging the power of technology consists of the cell phone and perhaps using the corporate intranet to review MLS listings.   


However, in today’s competitive environment, real estate agents can leverage the power of technology to get more organized, focus on the right properties, and ultimately increase their productivity and sales. We developed Pipeline, a sales and crm tool for small businesses, to help achieve these goals.

Today, independent real estate agents, brokers and other firms are leveraging the power of Pipeline to manage their sales and business development activities for their property listings.

How it Works

Property Information all in one central place.

A real estate agent simply creates a new deal in pipeline.  A deal is just a property that will be represented by the agent (on the buying or selling side). 

The agent then can add prospective buyers or seller to the deal.  In addition, the agent can created milestones and set goals for key steps in the sales process.

Further, the agent can also add notes to document key conversations or key selling features of the property.  Pictures and maps can also be attached to the property. Agents can also upload key documents for the property .


In short, the agent has all of the key information: documents, people, todos, milestones, and notes associated with their properties in one place.  This information is available securely over the Web any time, any place.

Quick and Easy Visibility to Your Properties Status

Just a few clicks provide a quick and simple visual display of where you are on your property deals.   Simple red light green light status reports provide visibility of your sales by property for you the agent but also to your managers and real estate executives in your office.


Take Pipeline for a test drive, you can manage 10 properties for FREE.Sign Up Now.

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