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Today, we announced our private beta program for our Pipeline Sales Tool.  We appreciate any feedback on our product and service. 

What is Pipeline?
Pipeline is a sales tool to manage your deals. You can organize your deals and keep all of your contacts, files, documents, notes, maps, and directions for a deal in one place.

You can review simple dashboard reports for your pipeline focusing you and your team on the most important deals. Get more productive by creating simple to-do lists for your deals. Use tags to leverage the power of your contacts.

In short, Pipeline will get you and your sales team organized and focused on closing business and managing your prospects more efficiently.


Designed for a Sales Agent
Pipeline has been designed to do one thing, and one thing well.  That is, to help a sales agent manage and organize their deals and prospects, as well as provide a small and medium sized businesses with simple visibility into their business development activities and sales pipeline.

Small Business Approach
Pipeline is designed as a sales tool for independent sales agents and small businesses.  We provide simple reporting to share basic deal information across sales teams and across your organization.

Pipeline does not include extraneous features and functionality such as call
center request management, marketing automation, forecasting, and other
features designed for large multi-billion organizations.

Pricing Plans – Pay as You Go
We offer reasonable pricing plans based on how much you use the service.  We do not charge per user, and encourage you to invite your co-workers to use the service.  You can cancel a plan at any time, and there are no contract committments.  You simply pay with a credit card for the appropriate service plan that fits your business needs best.

You can also use our free plan and manage a small number of deals (10), at no charge forever.  There also are no ads anywhere on Pipeline.   You can also purchase any service plan during our beta period.

New Features – Coming Soon!
We are working on some exciting features for our launch, and hope to make our service better based on your feedback.

Thanks for your support,

The Pipeline Team


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