Pipeline Features – Coming Soon!

We are listening to your feedback and tuning our designs and features. The following features are in the works and expected to be delivered shortly. 

New and Improved Design – Deal Notebook

We are currently making our already simple and intuitive interface even easier to use and with some slightly enhanced designs.  Below is a sneak preview of our new and improved deal notebook page.  You will see cleaner lists, improved font sizing, and business cards to represent your contacts for your deals.


New People Module
We are enhancing our People module to include better integration with the deal notebook and a more intuitive design.  The People module will also include the ability to find all People associated with a company.  You will also see quick and easy ability to relate a person to a new and an existing deal.


Netvibes Module

Netvibes is a state of the art personalized home page.  It is more
flexible and more dynamic than some of the traditional home pages such
as My Yahoo, or MSN.  We like NetVibes so much we are going to build a
module for their NetVibes ecosystem.

What will I be able to do with a Pipeline module for Netvibes?
Well, in short, if you happen to use Netvibes for your home page, (and
we think you should), then at some point in the near future you will be
able to see all of your Pipeline deals and their status directly on
your home page.

Salesforce.com Switch It
Many of our users currently are using complex, enterprise products such as Salesforce.com or Sugarcrm.  We are now developing simple and easy technology to switch to PipelineDeals.com and retain your existing data from your current crm solution provider.

International Currency Support
We heard your feedback.  We are working on ways to support international currencies for your deals and sales pipeline.

Deal Worksheets

Yes, soon you will be work through your deal numbers and do some simple numeric modeling right within the deal notebook.   


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