The Power of Relationships

Solidify your deals done with relationships

What is the one of the
proven ways to accelerate getting your deals done? Have you ever
wondered how some sales reps can continue to upsell and close deals
with what seems little effort? It usually turns out that the sales
person is very good at managing, building and fostering relationships
between the buying organization and the selling organization.

Building the Relationship Web

Of course everyone knows its important to establish rapport with their
prospects.  But it is also important not to just establish the rapport
with the key buyer, it is also important to establish relationships
with everyone involved in the sales process, at all levels.  And those
relationships should not just happen between you the sales person and
the prospect organization. 

Your responsibility as a salesperson is to foster your company’s
relationships from your legal team, to your operational team, to your
marketing team with the prospect organization’s counterparts. Relationship_web_1
The goal
is to forge bonds so strong and to develop a working relationship
between your organizations so that by the time the contract is ready to
be signed, both organizations will already have been working together
and will be almost impossible to say no to the deal.  Are you
effectively facilitating those relationships?  Or are you just letting
those happen and hoping for the best?

The Email Dilemma

In todays, world of blackberries, treos and email, it has become
convenient to forget the importance of a good old fashioned face to
face meeting.  Sure email is convenient, and efficient for a lot of
communications.  But is also very difficult to build a relationship
over email, particularly early in the sales process.  Phone calls are
better, (try skype – its free). Face to face meetings are ideal.  There
are obvious benefits that come with face to face meetings: meet and get
sense for your prospect’s sense of urgency, you will meet other players
involved in the sales process that you may not have anticipated and you
get a sense for the prospect’s culture and organization.  Why is this
important?  Well, it is important for you to understand their culture
so that you can communicate that to your organization, which in turn
will help you foster the relationship web described above.  You can
also gain a lot from the emotional responses of anyone else involved in
the deal better via face to face meeting than a phone call, or talking
into the polycom.Polycom

Get your clients and prospects outside of the office
of the most important and effective ways to establish relationships is
not in the office reviewing powerpoint slides with your prospects.
Sure, you have to do that in the early part of the selling process.
But as your deal moves through the selling process, it is important to
get your prospects and clients outside of the office. Why?

Well, in short, it is places outside the office that allow you to best
find those connecting points to establish the best relationships.  What
are the best places for relationship building outside the office? Well,
sure the golf course is ideal in a lot of cases, but it doesn’t always
have to be about the golf course. Just having a breakfast, dinner,
coffee, or drinks with your prospects, opens up relationship building
opportunities.  Sporting events also work very well with small numbers
of folks, assuming you can get the good seats.  But they also work very
well with large extended teams.

In summary, find ways to build stronger and better relationships, as
they will help you sell better and become a better salesperson.  Help
facilitate those relationships at all levels between your company and
the prospects.   Do this in more personal ways – in person, and forgo
the email and con calls.

Key Takeways

  • Establish a relationship web with your prospects
  • Do face to face meetings with your key prospects and important existing relationships
  • Get your prospects and clients outside of the office

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