New Feature – Custom Sales Process

Pipeline out of the box supports a sales process that probably works well for most small and medium sized businesses. Basically, you can set the stage of a deal in the deal notebook.  The deal stages have the associated probabilities as defined below:

  • Lead (1- 49%)
  • Proposal (50%)
  • Contract (75%)
  • Signed (100%)
  • Lost (0%)

Pipeline also automatically matches your deal stage with a probability of the deal closing. But as organizations grow and their sales process gets more sophisticated and standardized, sales organizations often outgrow the basic process outlined above.

So, today we launched a new feature called, "Custom Sales Process".  Some organizations who already have well defined sales processes will now be supported in Pipeline.


Defining Your Custom Sales Process

How does he custom sales process feature work? Basically, you define each deal stage that best supports your existing sales process.  You do this in the Admin Tool area. Then, your users will see the new deal stages in the dropdown in the deal summary on the deal notebook part of Pipeline.

Sample Custom Sales Process
A small design firm currently uses the following process to supports its deals.  This process can be setup now in the Pipeline Admin Tool area.

  • Unqualified Lead (15%)
  • Qualified Lead (25%)
  • Business Terms (50%)
  • Proposal  -(75%)
  • Contract – (90%)
  • Signed – (100%)
  • Lost – (0%)

Unqualified Lead (15%)
This might be just a business card, or a name received from a trade show.  Clearly this is early in the sales process and has very small probability of getting to a signed contract.

Qualified Lead (25%)
prospect has been asked a series of qualifying questions on budget,
timing, and scope to ensure they will be a good fit for the firm.  If
the prospect gets past this stage, then you are making some nice progress on the deal, and have a good qualified prospect.

Business Terms (50%)
You agree to specific business terms such as price, scope and agreement duration.  This is a big step and would only happen after numerous conversations and phone calls.

Proposal (75%)
A proposal has been submitted.  The probability has been set fairly high because the process has already surpassed a critical step, getting agreement on business terms.

Contract (90%)
The contract has been drafted and is in legal review.

Signed (100%)
Contract has been signed and the deal won.

Lost (0%)
The contract was lost.

This is just a sample sales process that you can implement now in Pipeline with the new custom sales process feature.

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