New Feature – Deal Archiving

What is Deal Archiving?
For any business, a sales leads and deals generally go through various stages of activity. Sometimes a deal is very active, other times it goes dormant for months, then springs back to life, other times it just dies. That is the nature of the selling in any business.

Deal archiving is a new Pipeline feature that now allows you to make a deal inactive in your deal notebook.  The deal will no longer show up in your Pipeline reports as well. Deal archiving is only available for paid plans.

What are the Benefits of Archiving a Deal?
Deals archived will not count against your plan totals.  So, you will not have to delete inactive deals from the system to live within your plan.  Then, re-enter info if the deal comes alive.

What can I do with an Archived Deal?
Archived deals can only be viewed and not edited.

How do I Archive a Deal?
Just click on the deal archive button at the top of the deal page on the upper right.  You can then view a simple list of archived deals in the Deal Directory.

Can I De-Archive a Deal?

Yes, absolutely.  Juse click on the de-archive deal button on the deal page.  If you de-archive a deal, it returns to your deal notebook and it will then be counted towards your plan totals.



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