New Feature – Custom Fields

Custom People Fields

Today we introduced an enhancement to store some additional information for the People contact management module.  Many of you have asked for additional fields to store more info about your contacts. 

We deliberately didn’t design in hundreds of contact fields that other systems such as ACT, Outlook or Goldmine have built into them.  We designed Pipeline to just give you the basics of what you need and what you will use for the majority of your contacts. 

However, there are situations where you will want to store additional info about a person – it could be their admin’s #, a fax #, a department, or an instant messaging id.  This is what custom fields are designed to support.

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields allow you to define a field to store additional information about your contacts.  So, if you communicate with one of your contacts via Skype or instant messaging you can create a Skype field, or an AOL chat field to store the information.


How many custom fields can you have?

Currently, you can create 3 custom fields for your people contacts.  We plan on enhancing this to allow you to create any number of additional fields you like.   

How do I access the custom fields?

Just click edit on any of your contacts within the People module.  Custom fields are at the bottom of the screen.


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