New Feature – Deal Sharing

What is Deal Sharing?

Today, we launched deal sharing for Pipeline customers.   Deal sharing is simply the ability to share and colloborate on a deal with one of your co-workers or colleagues.  Deal sharing is only available for Basic, Plus and Premium plans.

What are the benefits of deal sharing?

Many deals are not just worked by one person.  They are worked by a team of people across departments colloborating to push the deal across the finish line and get the sale. 

Deal sharing allows you to share all the deal information – deal summary, your todo lists, documents, files, links, people and notes for a specific deal and truly colloborate with another co-worker to improve your sales productivity and get the sale closed faster.

Deal sharing also allows you to easily get a new person up to speed quickly on an account or deal.  You can easily allow your co-worker to review your historical documents created – (e.g. sales pitches, sales proposals), and files uploaded in Pipeline using deal sharing.

How does it work?

Simply, click on the share deal button at the top of a deal in the deal notebook.  Enter a user’s email address.  An email will be sent letting the user know that you have shared a deal with them.  They just login to Pipeline and can see and edit the deal information.  A shared deal is denoted with a small yellow flag in your deal notebook and deal directory.


Can a user delete or archive a deal?

No only the deal owner can delete and archive the deal.  The person who you shared the deal with (the sharee) can see and edit all information.

What information is shared?

The deal summary information, your todo lists, documents, files, links, people and notes.  However, note that a contact is not entered into the sharee’s contact management system per say with your personal notes and reminders for that person.  Only the person’s contact info on the deal notebook is shared.


Can I share a deal with a non-Pipeline user?

Yes, but the user will need to signup for a Pipeline account in order to review and access the shared deal.

Do shared deals show up in the Pipeline Reports?

Yes, if your deal is shared with a co-worker, it will show up in their Pipeline Report and be noted with the small yellow flag.

Can I unshare a deal?

Yes, unsharing a deal will remove the shared deal from the deal directory of the sharee.

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