New Feature – Mini-Deals

What is a Mini-Deal?
Over the past several months we have had a number of requests that have asked the following question:  How do I handle additional business opportunities for an existing business relationship or account in Pipeline?

Currently, the way to handle this is to have a new deal page for an additional opportunity; that is, until now with the introduction of Mini-Deals. 

Mini-deals are simply a way to add additional business opportunities right onto an existing deal page in your deal notebook. 


What are the benefits of a mini-deal?

  • It is easier to track all the business with a specific customer or prospect on one of your deal notebook pages.
  • So, you at a glance you can see the overall value and potential of sales associated with one of your accounts
  • You don’t have to create a deal for every business opportunity and copy redundant information for each deal (e.g. contacts)
  • Nice historical record of business opportunities on an existing account for new sales agents taking over a new relationship

Are Mini-Deals useful for all businesses?

Yes, they can be,  but mini-deals work especially well for the following business situations:

  1. You have an existing relationship and plan to sell more products and services to your customer
  2. You are a manufacturer that sells multiple orders and/ or replenishment types of orders to your prospects and customers

Can I still create a new deal for an new business opportunity for an existing business relationship?

Yes, you don’t have to use mini-deals.  There may be situations where you have a large opportunity that you want to manage and track with a new deal notebook page.

How does Mini-Deals impact Pipeline reporting?

All of your Mini-deals will display in your Pipeline reports.  Graphs and charts will also display all of your deals and mini-deals.


Mini-deals are only supported for paid plans.

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  1. Mini deals do not appear to be working. Can’t see the Mini-deal link as per the bog entry.

  2. Nick Bertolino

    Mini-deals are only available for paying customers. Currently, you can not see them in the demo account.

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