CNET Reviews Pipeline

Thanks to Rafe Needleman, Editor at Large at CNET Network, for reviewing Pipeline.  Rafe points out that, "If what you want to do is keep track of your pipeline of potential
income, it will help you get organized in about five minutes. If that." Click here to read the review.


The review also highlights some data integration shortcomings of our product, such as no way to get data out of Pipeline and lack of integration with products such as Outlook or your Treo.  I am happy to report that you can now export all of your data out of Pipeline in an XML format. Just go into the Admin tool, and click data export.

Coming Soon, we will be rolling out CSV export for your contacts.  Our future roadmap also includes plans to support data synchronization with products such as ACT, Outlook and your Treo and Blackberries.

Rafe makes some good points about small business suites by products such as Veetro.  Our vision is to strategically partner with other Web 2.0 firms to provide
a full suite of best of breed business applications to our users.  Our
customers are already asking for this type of solution. 

We are working
on integrating our sales tool solution with other Web 2.0 solutions for
project management with solutions such as Basecamp, time tracking product such as 14Dayz, invoicing applications such as Freshbooks, document management/signature solutions such as Echosign web
office applications such as gOffice and others. 

We feel this will offer our customers
the benefits of selecting best in class applications along with some of
the benefits of an integrated suite.

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  1. I’ve just launched Time Tracking with a bit more of a Web 2.0 bent to it. It’s called SlimTimer( and has gotten good reviews on every site that’s covered it afaik. I’d love to talk to you guys about integration (API being released next week). Thanks.

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