How do sales people like this survive? (They probably don’t.)

I spent the last two days at an ecommerce conference here in

Philadelphia. This is a typical trade show that brings together an

industry where there are sellers of services/technology and prospective

buyers of said services/technology. It was amazing to me how much basic

etiquette got lost as the poor buyers of services “swam with the

sharks” on the trade show floor. For those of you selling out there a

couple of pointers:

1) Do not grab somebody on the arm (lower bicep, right above

the elbow – you know like Mom did when you were in trouble, as a way

to start off a sales pitch. The sales rep is either really desperate or


a complete imbecile.

2) Do not interrupt another vendors pitch in the other

vendor’s booth. This was flat out awkward – one vendor was walking us

through some of the finer points of their technology when a second

vendor came in and interrupted everyone. Big negative points and

potentially a future deal killer.

I don’t mind intelligent and aggressive sales reps –

especially at a trade show. I go expecting to be sold to (and to do

some selling myself). If you truly have a unique offering your natural

desire is to shout it to the world. It is those companies or

individuals who don’t think about what they are doing and the negative

fall out from their actions that leave a bad taste in my mouth.

JP Werlin

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  1. Ha ha, love the grab-by-the-arm manouver, will have to pass that on to Tim 😉

  2. I strongly believe that there are some folks that are destined to be Sales Reps. They’re great, they lsiten, they don’t sell someone something that they don’t need and they prosper while acting ethically sound.

    Then there are the other 98% of folks that are in sales.

    btw, If you ever grab me by the arm, I will probably punch you in the nose. Just in case any of you are listening. 🙂


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