Improved Datebook Coming Soon!

We have been quietly making some improvements to our datebook and calendar module in Pipeline.   Most recently, we launched a new daily agenda via email as well as ical support.  Plus we are working on a new user interface – see below.

Daily Agenda
Your daily agenda is simply a list of your email reminders and deal milestones that are due on a given day.  You can simply turn on you daily agenda email notifications in My Settings.


iCal Support
The Pipeline datebook now has read only support for Apple’s ical.  This means that if you use ical you can create a read only version of your Pipeline calendar that updates as well.   We currently do not support two way integration, but it is something that we will support at some point in the future.

New Datebook User Interface – (Coming Soon)
We will also launch soon a new and improved user interface for Datebook as well.  We will move towards a more traditional 30 day month view with a place to view your todos agenda.  One of the requests we have received from users is for a way to manage or see todos and milestones across all deals.  So the new calendar will solve that plus give the new 30 day view.

We won’t reveal of the features of the new and improved calendar but here is a sneak peak.



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