Pipeline vs. Salesforce.com

Welcome Salesforce.com Users

We often get asked from prospects and customers, how are you different than Salesforce.com?  Are you a Salesforce.com alternative? Are you a customer relationship management (CRM) system? 

We put together some pages on our site to better explain the differences between Pipeline and Salesforce.com.  We list 5 Great Reasons below to Switch from Salesforce.com.


Five Great Reasons to Switch from Salesforce.com

#1 – Simpler and More Intuitive Design

Pipeline’s simple, yet powerful user interface has been drawing rave reviews from analysts and customers. Read some recent buzz from our customers and analysts.

#2 – No Contracts

Pipeline offers pay as go pricing with no long term contracts. Salesforce locks you into annual or longer term agreements.

#3 – Lower Cost of Ownership

Pipeline offers affordable subscription plans at $12-99/month for your whole team – no additional per user costs. Salesforce costs are typically $65/user/month. Additional features may be extra.


Pipeline’s solution is so simple and intuitive, you will not be required to invest additional $ for solution customization and implementation. Salesforce may require and additional 32% of your subscription price, which equals an additional $22/month/user on top of your subscription fees.

#4 – No Software Bloat

Pipeline’s feature set is focused on the 20% of functionality that 80% of folks would typically use in a typical CRM software application.

#5 – Easy Switching

Have an existing Salesforce account? We make it easy to import your data into Pipeline with an intuitive importing utility – Salesforce Switch It in our admin tool.

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  1. There is a basic flaw in your price model.

    Lets say I’m using Saleforce Team edition – cost $995 p.a

    I might have 1000 or more Accounts/Prospects and Leads but maybe only 50 opportunities (or deals). A number of those accounts are already customers with ongoing service invoice every month.

    To handle this in Pipeline, I’d need an unlimited account at $99 per month = $1188 – more costly that Salesforce.

  2. Nick Bertolino

    If you are managing only 50 deals and some of those are recurring business, you can use our mini-deals features and live comfortably within a smaller plan, like the Mediumat $49/month.

  3. yes but 50 deals is only 50 accounts – I want to be able to store more than 50 accounts.

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