The New DateBook is Here

You may have noticed we slipped in a new Datebook, Pipeline’s calendar module yesterday.  It is only our first release so expect it to get better over time.

Calendar Philosophy
Our overall design approach was based on simplicity, ease of use and intuitiveness like all of our designs.   We display a simple 30 day view of the calendar much like the paper version many of us grew up with on our desks.  We also include just a simple listing of all your upcoming reminders and milestones for the current week.

The clutter we left out includes: no popups, no exposed entry forms, no day, week, and 4 days views, no rainbows of colors, like you may see in some of the other web-based calendar solutions on the market such as Google Calendar and 30 boxes, both of which are nice solutions but we think have too many features.


How to Use Reminders and Milestones
Milestones are essentially todos or significant events associated with your deals, and they have a date associated with them.  You can add milestones in your deal notebook and now as well on the calendar.

Reminders are used more for every things you need to remember but also to remind you of important activities associated with your contacts or people.  Reminders can be added to any of your contacts on the people profile, and now on the calendar as well.

Both of reminders and milestones (or events) are now visible and exposed in the new datebook.  They are color coded to quickly scan your calendar and see the important events associated with your deals and relationships.


Adding Milestones and Reminders
Just click the calendar day and the event form will be exposed for entry.  You can associate the event with a deal or a person.   Add the due date and your done.  To edit an item, simply click on the event name in the calendar and you can edit and delete the items in the form.


Features Coming Soon
These items didn’t make it in but we are working on them, SMS notifications and recurring events, printing and emailing your Upcoming Events.

Remember you can also go into your My Account settings to have your reminders and milestones delivered to you via email.

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