Get Freshbooks in Your Pipeline

Initially motivated by some early
customer suggestions, we gave some serious thought towards the problems small
businesses face today. We clearly identified some areas of opportunity where we
felt there were inefficiencies for folks. Admittedly, Pipelinedeals is focused
on the business development process – managing your future revenue

What happens after you successfully close a deal? It is time to
begin providing your product/service for that Client and invoice them for your
efforts. (Hooray revenue!) When we prioritized our list of natural partners,
invoicing was top on the list. Takes time, not necessarily fun, and not why you
went into business. FreshBooks run by Mike and Levi in Toronto was the clear
leader in this market. We were able to arrange a breakfast meeting in New York recently and we
found that our two companies thought a lot alike and had similar business models
albeit in different but complementary spaces.


Over an omelette it was
clear that Pipelinedeal’s customers had a definite (and a previously expressed)
need for the ability to invoice clients. Additionally, FreshBooks customers were
in need of managing their sales process. FreshBooks and PipelineDeals needed to
find a way to talk to each other – it was a no brainer. Together the two
companies have laid out a loose plan of weaving our two applications closer

Step 1 – "Baby Step" – Look for co-branded landing pages on
Pipelinedeals introducing Freshbooks.

Step 2 – "Up the Ante" – Look for some
in app mention of Freshbooks inside of Pipelinedeals.

Step 3 – "Take it up
another notch" – Install and "Export to Freshbooks" Button in

Step 4 – "Nirvana" – Immediately upon setting a deal status to
"Signed", Client Info sets up an account in Freshbooks.

From what we can
tell, we are the first two independent online Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors to move down a
serious integration path. Both companies are excited and look forward to the
benefits this integration brings to our customers.

Thanks to Mike and
Levi for believing in PipelineDeals! 

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  1. The claim to be the first is not entirely true but that’s not important. What’s important here is that the tow companies see the value in collaborating to the point of integration. I hope you guys do something about look and feel because the problem for users will be they won’t want to ‘feel’ as though they’re hopping from one discrete service to another. Good luck.

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