Managing Leads

Using Pipeline to manage your leads
You know Pipeline can manage your deals, but we often get asked how do I manage and track my leads or prospects before they are deals?  Can I do that using PipelineDeals? The answer yes for sure.

What is a lead?
Our definition of a lead is a person that may or may not ultimately buy your products or services.  A lead can originate from a conversation, a trade show, a friend, a marketing campaign, your website, purchased from a list or from services such as Jigsaw or Zoominfo. 

Leads are often unqualified, until you have had the opportunity to speak to the prospect and understand their needs, buying timeline, budget and everything else that goes into making a purchasing decision for your product or services.

How do I manage leads in Pipeline?
It is very simple to manage your leads in Pipeline.  Simply go to the People tab, and add a new person, and tag the person as a "Lead" using the Pipeline’s simple tagging feature.  You then can easily produce a list of your leads by clicking in the tag list.  You can also add a note to capture any conversations you have had with the person.

Do leads count against my deal plan?
No, you can have as many leads as you want in your people database.  It is only when you turn the lead into a deal will it count against your plan.



When does a lead become a deal?
The answer to this question really depends on the nature of your business and your unique sales process and cycle.  It may take a few conversations to get a meeting setup, and appropriately qualify the lead as a real opportunity.  It is after that point, that it probably makes sense to create a new deal for your lead.

How do I turn a lead into a deal?

Go into the person’s profile and you can add the person to either a new or existing deal.  In other words, you can create a new deal and associate to a person in a few clicks.


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