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We just recently launched our new and improved notes feature for documenting your sales deals and activities.  We wanted to provide some additional information on how to better format your notes. 

Formatting your notes is simple and easy.  We use the same simple formatting commands that you have in documents.  So you can use bullets, bolding, highlighting, larger fonts, smaller fonts, and even add in links.  Just use the asterisk, and characters below to format a note.  For example:


Just use astericks to create a bulleted list, numbers also work to create a numbered list. (e.g. 1., 2., 3.)

* Bullet 1

* Bullet 2

* Bullet 3


**Bold** will bold the word between the astericks.

*Yellow Highlighting*  will highlight the word in between the astericks as highlighted.


You can create a larger font size for a word, simply by underlying it and using the symbols (the equal sign and dash) below the word.

Large Header


Small Header




The simple commands above generate the formatting displayed below:



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  1. Sorry to correct you guys, but you might want to change asterick to asterisk.

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