Enhanced Notes for Your Sales Deals and Contacts

PipelineDeals has enhanced its simple note taking for sales deals and leads tracking. Thanks to our customers for valuable input into the design process. Key features are listed below.

View and Hide Notes

This feature is needed if you are active note user (and many of you are). It will make your deals page less cluttered with the specific notes details. Remember to just roll your mouse over the note title and you will see the specifics details on the note. And just click view and hide to see your notes details.



Associate Notes to Contacts

Sales and working deals is all about managing and keeping track of your relevant communications with your contacts. You now can easily associate a note on a deal to a specific contact. Just select the contact name from the drop down.


Collaborative Selling

Sales deals are often worked on by several people at once. Now you can see the posted by user directly in the new notes listing display. Basically, everyone on the team now will know who had which conversation and when.


Deal and Contact Note Integration

We added seamless integration between notes for deals and notes for contacts. If you create a note on the deals page and associate it to contact, that note will automatically appear on the contact’s profile page. You can also create a note for a contact and associate it to a deal. And it will automatically appear on the deals page.


Just a note, we could not implement the sorting capability for the notes table, so you can’t click by column unfortunately. But we still think the new implementation is a nice improvement. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Wow.Great stuff. I believe in you and this product. Thanks for making the effort to improve your product.

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