Launching Soon – PipelineDeals – The Mercury Release


PipelineDeals will not be available on Saturday 10/13/07 from 8am to 2pm EST to support the upgrade to the Mercury Release.   We apologize for any inconvenience.

The PipelineDeals Mercury Release is a completely re-designed simple and powerful CRM tool.  The tool will retain its simple approach to managing sales pipeline data and providing intuitive sales tools to increase productivity of sales teams.  New features including the following:























  • Completely redesigned, cleaner user interface
  • Robust importing for contacts and leads
  • View latest activities for your sales deals and your team’s deals
  • Improved and powerful contact management
  • To-dos and events with due dates and categories
  • To-dos and events templates
  • Milestone reporting for sales deals
  • State of the art, drag and drop calendar
  • Weekly agenda with action-oriented sorting abilities
  • Email leads to PipelineDeals
  • Send emails and attachments to PipelineDeals to better track your sales communications with prospects