Minimum Necessary Software

The latest round of enhancements to PipelineDeals has been a great opportunity to re-establish what we are about to our users and ourselves. The canvas of software is infinite and the human mind tends not to deal well with infinite concepts. I think we have an innate need to fill empty space up with something, in fact, almost anything. My favorite example of this is when you hear a friend bought a big new house and the conversation almost immediately moves to the lack of furniture. The unspoken resignation is that the new home owners are going to fill that empty space, maybe not immediately, but eventually. Just like that big empty house, the same can be said about software – not only from a user’s perspective of what you see, but also in terms of what you get in the form of functionality. Effectively software is conceptualized as an infinitely large lot and the perceived cost of "building" and/or "remodeling" is deceptively low. In truth, software needs to be hemmed in, arguably more so, than the physical world. Arguably, this is where the big and traditional software players have lost their way which has left the door wide open for companies like PipelineDeals.

PipelineDeals is not going to be everything to everybody. We don’t claim to be the innovators of the "less is more" or the "simple is better" mantras – there are folks out there who have been beating that drum much louder and longer. We are more practitioners of the art (or is it a science?) – actually more than practitioners, we are implementers. Our goal is to provide you the minimum necessary software to be as successful selling whatever it is you and your team sell. That’s it.

As a Customer of PipelineDeals, you should feel free to send in your comments and feedback. Keep the notes coming, we read them all and all are taken into account. We do reserve the right to say no, but if you see that little tweak you were looking for in the next week or two, don’t be surprised.

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