Nice Review of PipelineDeals on SalesTeamTools

SalesTeamTools, a great sales resource blog owned by Brandon Hull, has a review of PipelineDeals. SalesTeamTools found PipelineDeals early on entirely their own and have kept their readers up to speed as PipelineDeals has evolved. Brandon and Jan understand what we are about and see how PipelineDeals is a refreshing way for sales teams to do CRM. We would recommend that you visit SalesTeamTools and read the review for yourself. One point that the review singled out was the PipelineDeals Home Tab, referring to it in the post as a "dashboard". From the review: "A customizable “dashboard” starting point that’s dead simple to use,
giving you a great snapshot of today’s tasks and your overall pipeline." Brandon is not alone, many PipelineDeals’ Clients are loving the Home Tab to help them organize their day and keep all their opportunities in front of them. Don’t take our word, take the word of someone who reviews sales tools all the time, give us a go.

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