New Feature – Enhanced Notes & Note Reporting

Launching Soon – Enhanced Notes & Notes Reporting

We will be launching some new features soon enhancing our notes capability with customizable categories and a new notes report. Notes are used extensively to manage and keep track of your sales pipeline communications for your deals and contacts.

There are 2 new features we are introducing:

1. Customizable Notes Categories

2. A New Notes Report

Customizable Notes Categories

Note categories will allow you to classify all of your notes for deals or contacts. To create notes categories, just have your administrator create notes categories for your team and enable the feature.

How can you use notes categories?

You can create notes categories to track all of your deal and contact communications. For example, you could create the following notes categories: phone calls, face to face meetings, appointments, economic discussions, and contracts.

You could also use notes categories to mirror your sales stages and track the notes by each sales stage.

The Notes Report

The notes report gives you visibility to all of the notes you have in the system. The notes report will allow you to answer the following questions:

* How many face to face meetings occurred for a specific deal or account?

* How many phone calls did a sales agent make this week?

* How many appointments took place across my team this month?

* How can I review all of my economic or contract discussions for a specific deal or contact?

The notes report is also very useful to get a sales manager or new agent up to speed on a specific account. Just filter on the specific deal and you can review all the notes and communications for the deal or contact.

The notes report can also be exported to a CSV file and also printed in a simple table.



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