Fans of PipelineDeals Welcome!

PipelineDeals has recently launched a page on Facebook. You can learn about those of us who make the application possible and other like minds who want to let their support of PipelineDeals be known – just click here. (Once there, click the "Become a fan" link in the upper right hand corner). Of course we would welcome your support as a fan. As our business matures and we continue to pick up steam with customer subscriptions, we find more people who get what we are all about: Simple CRM. I suspect for now our Facebook page is where we will keep things a little bit lighter than here on Think Pipeline.

We are watching Facebook closely as it grows up from its roots as a collegiate novelty and becomes a new way to use the Internet. Obviously as a company whose sole mission is to serve sales representatives and sales teams the world over, we are very interested in ways to help our customers cultivate business online. In fact we had our first account sign up as a direct result of a Facebook interaction last week. We have a few more product side developments in the works over the coming months but look for us to begin weaving PipelineDeals into the web as 2008 progresses. We always welcome new (and future) customer input and ideas of how you want to see PipelineDeals grow and interact with you and your sales teams. Feel free to let us know either here on the blog, in the forums or by dropping us an email. We always welcome a good old phone call too if you are so inclined.

Happy Selling!

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