Wishes and Wants for your CRM Software

Over the past few weeks since the recent improvements to PipelineDeals we have experienced a good spike in new customers and Free accounts upgrading to Premium. Thank you to all of our new and upgraded customers and Welcome to the PipelineDeals family. With the influx of new customers comes the introduction to new businesses, new sales teams and new prospects.

As part of the sales process, we hear quite an array of wants and wishes that companies are looking for from their CRM software. We take the time to listen to these requests and of course do our best to either meet the need or tell the prospective customer up front what we don’t or won’t do. We feel telling customers both sides of the coin is equally important. It is interesting to hear the wishes and wants and these really fall into two big buckets: what you need and what you think you need. Let me be real clear – what you think you as an evaluator of a software solution is very often far less than what you will actually need. This problem is further exacerbated that many times a sales tool like PipelineDeals is being pushed top down. Often there is a gap between what an executive-level individual thinks they need and what their sales team actually needs and what that same team will use.

Do you really need all the bells and whistles you think you need? Probably not. The key thing to remember is that the more time your people spend with software, especially CRM software, the less time they are spending selling. Our recommendation to companies, both large and small, is to think really hard about the minimum necessary software needed to get the job done. Clearly delineate between your wishes and wants versus your true needs. Wishes and wants are expensive and our competitors prey, perhaps even rely, on your wishes and wants. PipelineDeals is about your needs and freeing you and your sales team up to do what you need to do: SELL.

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