Deal Tagging – Unlimited Flexibility for Deal Tracking

At PipelineDeals, we are very excited to report that Deal Tagging has been extremely well received by the Client Community. Since Deal Tagging launched 11 days ago, the amount of enthusiastic and positive feedback has been incredible. Deal Tagging is proving to be a superb case study of a simple yet powerful piece of functionality. The very unique thing about Deal Tagging is that it scales at the individual seat level – from people who don’t use it at all to those who use it in a very complex manner. Deal Tagging allows you to define how your company wants to organize, manage and report on your sales pipeline in any way you desire.

For those of you new to the concept, check out this post here, that further explains Deal Tagging. Simply put, deal tagging allows you to assign words/phrases to a deal that mean something to you and your team mates. This means unlimited customization for your business. As we learn about current Client uses and hear prospective Clients brainstorm the key attribute is that Deal Tags empower the user. Whole new worlds of opportunity open up as new dimensions of intelligence are being used to track the sales process. Examples of these tag driven dimensions include:














  • Quarter – to facilitate out year forecasting and trend analysis.
  • Region – this includes countries, time zones, states, sales regions.
  • Zip Code – further geographic segmentation that facilitates efficient on-site visits.
  • Industry – allows for ability to see the level of diversification inyour deal base.
  • Prioritization – Must Wins or deals other significance.
  • Competitors – Keep track of who you are going up against time and again.
  • Products – For companies selling many products keep track of what you are selling to whom.


The key thing is that PipelineDeals will report based on whatever tag (or tags) assigned. With a little upfront planning and forethought about how you want to look at your business you can negate any future need to run customized/one-off reports. New uses of deal tags pop up daily, feel free to let us know how deal tags help you here on the blog or in the forums. Please feel free to give us a call if you want to brainstorm about ways to use Deal Tagging for your business.