2007 – A big year for PipelineDeals

We are very happy to report that 2007 was a banner year by all accounts here at PipelineDeals. It is a good feeling to be writing another year-end thank you note to our Customers. Without our Customers, PipelineDeals would not exist. For those of you who have chosen PipelineDeals and to all of our supporters (meaning friends and family) – Thank You. Your feedback (both negative and positive), encouragement and use of the application is what keeps us going. Looking back over the year, we were busy and the list below demonstrates that we do continually invest back into the application.

Key Milestones for 2007

– Enhanced Notes for Deals and Contacts
– Introduction of SMS Reminders
– Roll out of Notes Formatting
– New & Improved Reporting
– Enhanced Leads Reporting
– Reporting Charts and Commission Tracking
– Selected as Webware 100 Finalist (We lost mainly to Google, Microsoft and eBay)
– Improved Deal Directory
– Launch of the Mercury version of PipelineDeals
– Creation of user Videos
– Introduction of User Forums
– Notes Types and Note Typer Reporting
– Announcement of our first Enterprise Deal
– Introduction of Deal Tagging

An important note is that out of 8,760 hours this year we were up for 8,754 of them less the weekend of planned downtime in mid-October for the launch of Mercury. This leaves us with an uptime of 99.93% on the year. We will work on improving this for next year as we look to push into the 99.99X% realm in 2008.

We have another big year queued up for 2008 as we work to put out simply the best hosted CRM product on the market. Stay tuned and thanks again for your support.

Happy New Year!

The PipelineDeals Team