Welcome Concentra Health Services

We are happy to share publicly that PipelineDeals has been selected to provide CRM and sales tracking software for Concentra Health Services sales and account management personnel. We have enjoyed a good working relationship with the hundreds of Concentra personnel using PipelineDeals day in and day out over the past few months. We look forward to continue to help Concentra Health Services deliver on its mission to improve the quality of life by making health care accessible and affordable.

Concentra operates 320 medical centers in 40 states and more than 270 on-site medical facilities at employer locations throughout the nation. Of the wide array of services provided by Concentra, we must admit that the mobile services look very impressive.Onsitemobilemedicalservices_small

At PipelineDeals we like to think that we can help Concentra’s account management and IT people worry less about managing and figuring out software and focus more on helping people get well. PipelineDeals is delivering on its promise of Simple CRM for Big Business. The Concentra relationship establishes PipelineDeals as a viable enterprise-level alternative for a cost-effective and streamlined CRM solution.

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