Deal Tags – More Ways to Slice and Dice Your Sales Pipeline Data

We are launching a new feature shortly, that is called Deal Tags. The feature has come out of numerous customer requests for more flexibility in managing and tracking their sales pipeline data.

What are deal tags?

Deal tags are keywords that can be associated to your deals. You can define the tags in the Admin tool.

How can I use this feature?

There are many ways to take advantage of deal tags. One example: Let’s say you wanted to view your sales pipeline data and deals by the product or service you were selling. Simply create tags for each of your products/services and then start associating those to your deals.

Another example: Perhaps you want to track your sales pipeline data by geography – country, region, or even time-zone to focus your sales efforts. Just create the tags for the regions and your ready to go.

Deal tagging will allow you to track your deals by:

* Product or Service

* Account Size

* Region or geography

* Time-zone

* Hot Deals, Cold Deals

* VIP Customers

* New Business vs Existing Business

The list is really endless in terms of how you want to track your sales. You can also have multiple tags associated to a deal.

Can I report on my tagged deals?

Yes. Simply run the deals tags report from the reports menu. The deals tags reports looks similar to the main sales pipeline report, but has a deal tags column. So you easily pull a list of any deals in your sales pipeline by a deal tag.

How are deal tags managed?

Just define a set of keywords in the admin tool so that you can have some consistency across your sales team.

As always, let us know what you think, and how to improve.




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