Pipeline Reports – New & Improved


We have started our quest to juice up performance and features on PipelineDeals.com.   The first area to receive performance gains and improvements is pipeline reports.  This is a sneak preview, launching soon.   


First and foremost is speed.  We greatly improved the speed at which your pipeline reports will render.   

In addition, there are some great new features allowing you to slice and dice your sales pipeline data.  We added filtering capabilities for the following fields:

* Deal Owner

* Deal Size

* Deal Stage

* Deal Status

* Expected Close Date



The new features are designed for sales professionals at all levels: sales agents, sales managers and sales executives.  Sales agents can use the new filtering tools to better manage and track their sales deals.  Of course, sales agents can update their entire sales pipeline from this one simple screen as PipelineDeals.com reports are live and interactive.

Managers and executives can use the features to do simple analysis and hold their sales teams accountable for closing business.  In addition, managers and executives can also re-assign deals among their team members.  See more below on Deal Re-Assignment.



Who owns which deals?  And how many $ are in their sales pipeline?

Simply select the deal owner from the filter and you will get a list of sales deals associated with the specific owner.  We also total their sales pipeline $ so you can see those $ against your full sales pipeline.


Which deals are closing soon? Which are past due and need attention?

We provided easy filtering for deals closing in the next 7 days, next 30 days, next 60 days, next 90 days and beyond.  Most importantly, you can easily pull up past due deals.  Past due deals, are those deals that have crossed their expected close dates that someone should be asking questions about.

Which deals are my largest in terms of dollars?

We have the done work for you here.  Just select large, medium or small from the filter and we will provide a list of your largest, smallest or medium-sized deals.   This selection is also context specific to the deal owner.


Which deals are green status, red or yellow?

Easily produce a list of deals that are in trouble or progressing forward.  Of course, you can combine this filter with any other for powerful query ability.  For example, Which deals are green and closing soon?  Which deals are red or green by owner? 

Which deals are in each of my specific sales stages?

Just select your sales stage – for example, lead, proposal, contract or your custom sales stages to easily produce a list of deals in each stage.  Again, you can combine any of the filters for powerful queries such as Which deals are in my largest in the lead or proposal stage?  Those deals may warrant special attention.


As a bonus, we have received many requests for this feature, and we are rolling it out with the new pipeline reports.

What problem does deal re-assignment solve?  How do I move or re-assign deals among team members?  You can simply change the deal owner using the edit button from the new pipeline reports.  The deal will now appear in the new owner’s deal directory and not in the old owner’s deal directory.  This is highly useful for managers and executives to balance out their sales workload in the most efficient manner.  It is also very helpful in transitions for new sale professionals onto the team.


One thing you will notice, is that there is no longer sorting of the columns in the reports.  We don’t think it is needed with the advanced filtering now available.


We slightly changed this existing feature in the pipeline reports.  Now on rollover, you can edit the entire row for a specific deal.  Simply click the orange edit button to enable editing of your deal.  This is a great tool for sales agents to quickly and efficiently keep their sales pipeline up to date.



Finally, should you want to do further analysis of your sales pipeline, we also built in context specific exporting.  Simply select the filters to produce a sales pipeline report that you want, and click Export to CSV, and you will receive your sales pipeline in CSV format for importing into any spreadsheet program.

Thanks to all users who helped conceive and fine tune the new pipeline reports.  We hope you like them. As always, please provide any feedback you have on the feature.


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