Managing Change, Managing Turnover

Managing Change with Deal Re-Assignment

A reality in the
sales world is the ebb and flow of people – both sales people and the
key decision makers on the other side of your deals. It is always tough
when good sales people leave. As we often say around PipelineDeals,
"the only constant is change". (We would love to take credit for this
pearl of wisdom but proper attribution must be given to Heraclitus.)
As the owner of your business, or of your business’s sales pipeline,
recognize the reality of your situation and don’t get caught
unprepared. PipelineDeals is designed so that your organization will be
minimally impacted by the turnover of sales people.

An aspect of personnel turnover is assigning existing deals to
new/existing sales people. While our previous post
predominantly on our latest reporting features, down towards the bottom
was an important new feature aimed at helping you manage change more
easily: Deal Re-assignment. This is an example of a PipelineDeal’s
enhancement driven by the real world business circumstances of our
Clients. When a new sales person joins your team or a current member
leaves your team, re-distribution of existing deals is only a click

PipelineDeals to keep current with contact information is imperative to
manage change happening with your prospects. Keeping an up-to-date
Rolodex is fundamental and needs to be a regular part of your sales
process. Falling into the "I will update their new contact information
later" trap is dangerous. A key strategy is to update contact
information as you encounter the changes to prevent a backlog from
building up. Draw a hard line with yourself and with your team to get
the information into PipelineDeals. By keeping a deal up to-date when
that next sales person leaves, getting the new sales person up to date
is as easy as logging into

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