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We wanted to share some great news with our customers, both current and prospective, about our business. PipelineDeals for many customers provides a mission-critical function in helping organize and manage future revenue (e.g. your sales pipeline) – the lifeline of all businesses. All current revenue was future revenue at some point – right? We do get questions from some CRM application shoppers about our long-term stability, present viability and overall financial health. These are valid questions and anyone looking for a software vendor providing vital business services would be remiss if they did not ask these questions. We are happy to answer such questions and provide all customers the information they need in order to make the best decision for their business.

We believe that all things being equal – people invest in people. We recognize that everyone who signs up with us is saying that they are betting on us to be there for them. The owners, Nick and JP, are intimately involved in service and support. More often that not they are the ones picking up the phone and answering emails. Yes, this is a function of our size but it also part of who we are and how we choose to conduct business. We are not naive enough to believe that this will always be the case, but it is an important aspect of our philosophy.

The important milestone is that last week we signed a deal with a $1B company to provide CRM services for over 300 of their sales agents. We will disclose the name of our newest customer in the near future in accordance with our contract, but we believe this enterprise-level deal further demonstrates our commitment to this business and to you.

We are not going anywhere, we are passionate about what we do and we look forward to providing a simpler, easier and lighter sales and CRM tools for businesses, big and small, for years to come.

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