Launching Soon: Improved Deal Directory


We will be launching a new deals directory soon to give you easier and better ways to find your deals in your sales pipeline.  These improvements will be especially helpful for our large customers managing hundreds and even thousands of deals in their sales pipeline.

Key features include the following:Deals_directory_livesearch_2

Live Search
The deals directory now will include a simple search box replacing the alpha directory.  The search will allow you to quickly and easily find any deal in your pipeline.
Just type a few letters in the box and you will see the search results display your deal.  The Live Search works across all of your deals including archived deals.

Recent Deals
Your default view in the deals directory will be recent deals.  If you are managing a large amount of deals and prospects, you will find this view handy.  Of course, you could see all of your deals by using the All link or just type a few letters in the search box to find a deal.

Not Touched in a While

If you are managing a few hundred deals and sales prospects, it sometimes is difficult to manage and keep after all of your deals.  Some deals will get hot, others will get cold, and the net result is often, we lose track of some of our deals.   

The "Not Touched in a While" feature is designed to help you minimize any chance of losing track of any deals as well giving you a tool to keep your pipeline active and in good order. 
Simply click on the "Deals not touched in a while" link to quickly find those deals that have fallen by the wayside and not been touched in 30 days or more.  Your next step is take action on those deals by deleting the dead ones, archiving those that have gone cold, or start calling the prospect aggressively if you need to re-engage with them.

We will now paginate the long lists of deals in your All and Archived deals lists.   Of course, you can just type a few letters to quickly find a deal in any list.

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