Use It or Lose It (Your Business That Is)

It is great to be able to help
companies be better. As a sales tracking tool we help companies
organize around future revenue. Because we create an enabling piece
of software we do receive a questions pretty regularly that go beyond
the scope of a "software sales tool". Questions about sales
processes, employee compensation and the like. One of the most common
questions we receive is:


Almost everyone we talk to sees the
value of adding a sales tool to their business. It doesn’t take a
rocket scientist to know that sales are critical to the longevity and
health of any business.  Achieving adoption among current employees
is not easy. When people come to us for help with encouraging
adoption, we often respond in a very pragmatic manner with a short
list of questions:

– What were you using as a sales
management tool before PipelineDeals? (Most frequent response:
"Nothing" or "Spreadsheets".)

– What is your alternative to using a
sales tool? (Most frequent response: "Go back to the old way
which is failing.")

– Who in your company is responsible
for generating sales? (Most frequent response: "I am.")

At some level any employee will
understand that without sales their isn’t any money with which to pay
people – including the employee. The people who buy PipelineDeals are
the decision makers in their company and are on the hook to deliver
revenue. Companies can write process manuals around the sales process
or incentivize sales people to use software. In the end it really
takes the person accountable for revenue to stand up and say "Use

Our clients use PipelineDeals to track
leads and deals are thankfully big fans of the software – we hear it
everyday. Common feed back is: "The software is intuitive and
easy to grasp" or "Learning how to use PipelineDeals is
easy" even for self described "non-computer people".
The key to get people to use new software – any software – it so
reinforce usage at every opportunity with simple questions like:

– Did you enter that lead in

– Is the proposal due date in

– Are all your deal size and status
correct in PipelineDeals?

Another great idea that a large number
of our clients employ is to use PipelineDeals as the "facilitator"
to run and organize their weekly sales team meetings.

Just log in and
shoot the screen on the wall and voila!  – instant reporting and

If you need some help getting over that
initial user adoption hump – give us a call. The larger problem here
is that most people are hard-wired to be adverse to change and to
being held accountable. Future revenue is your company’s lifeline and
if we can help you be more efficient we are happy to help. You came
to us for a reason and you should see your way through any initial
resistance for that same reason.

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