Preview #1: PipelineDeals – The Mercury Release


It has been well over one (1) year since we have launched our simple CRM hosted software, PipelineDeals in May 2006.   We have had a great year and look forward to many more.

Over the last year, we wanted to thank all our customers for their input to make our product and service better.   Over the next month, we will be previewing a new and improved PipelineDeals (code name: the Mercury release) in a series of blog posts.

The Mercury release includes new features (many of those requested over the last year), as well as a new and improved user interface.  We have chosen to name our future releases after a NASA and space theme because they often evoke feelings of great ambition, challenging projects, exploration and venturing into the unknown.Mercury

From Wikipedia: Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States. It ran from 1959 through 1963 with the goal of putting a man in orbit around the Earth. The Mercury-Atlas 6 flight on February 20, 1962 was the first Mercury flight to achieve this goal.   To read more about NASA’s project Mercury – click here. 


Some key highlights of the new release include the following:

  1. New & improved user interface
  2. Improved contact management
  3. Easier ways to keep up to date on your deals
  4. More robust to-dos and milestones
  5. Improved and simplified calendar application


A key component of the Mercury release will be a new, streamlined, and cleaner user interface.  We have received many comments on our existing user interface, most positive, some negative. 

The new interface will have the same familiar tabs layout as the existing PipelineDeals version.  In fact, many of the pages will look familiar but some will also look different.


The deals page is the heart of the PipelineDeals application.  Think of it as your hub for working a sales deal for a qualified business development prospect, or existing customer.


Deals Directory

The new deals page incorporates many of the existing elements of today’s deals page.  You  will see a simpler and  cleaner deals directory.  The deals directory will be moved to a more natural navigation location – the left hand side.

Adding Deals

One of the major design issues in the current design is that many folks couldn’t figure out how to add deals, particularly since the add deals entry box often went below the fold.  This has been corrected by placing the add deals box front and center, easily visible in the upper left corner.


Expected Close Dates

Expected close dates are key to any sales pipeline and business development process.  In Mercury, when you enter an expected close date, we will automatically create a milestone for you and also display it graphically on your calendar.


To-Dos & Events

We have made some major upgrades in the To-dos area of the application.  Today, in PipelineDeals, there are to-dos, milestones and reminders.  To-dos are on the home page, and the deals page.  Milestones are on the deals page and reminders are on the contacts page.  Milestones have due dates, so do reminders, and to-dos do not.  Confused? 

We have simplified this to be consistent across the application.  Now, there are To-dos/Events. They can have due dates, be associated with a deal or contact, and can also have a category.  The categories which will display with small icons include:  phone calls, emails, faxes, to-dos, milestones and appointments.  More on to-do categories in another post, when we discuss to-do templates.


There is also a date-picker on the to-do entry form to help easily enter due dates.





Any questions, comments or feedback just drop us a line.

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  1. This looks amazing. I can’t believe the speed at which you all release new features and enhancements while always being right on target with what is actually useful.

  2. Looks interesting. What I am curious about is how you treat contacts. In the previous version, contacts were a second-class citizen with “Deals” getting the preferred treatment. If you guys have upgraded Contacts to level where I can use it to build relationships and not just close deals, you might have my attention and my $$.

    PS: I’m currently with HighRise and somewhat frustrated at the lack of various critical things.

    ~ mel

  3. JP

    Melvin –

    You point about Deals vs. Contacts is very timely and one which we have been debating internally especially as it relates to leads. Feel free to give Nick a call/email if you wish to discuss where we are headed here. Our phone number is: (866) 702-7303. Additionally, I was cleaning up duplicate posts and actually deleted your last post (and also my favorite comment to date). Sorry – it was Nothing malicious and if you care to repost, please do. We would welcome another customer on board. Thanks for checking in.

    ~JPCo-Founder – PipelineDeals

  4. Awesome! Can’t wait to take the new PLD for a spin.

  5. Looking good! I especially like the fact that it looks like you are re-designing the company-contact-deal relations. Compare to the current version with a deal and mini-deals. Mini-deals have been promoted to normal deals. Any thoughts on the release date? Any non-interface feature updates?

  6. Nick

    Hey Peter,

    Yes, there will be several non-interface features including: todo templates, viewing latest activities for a deal, RSS feeds, new reports, updated calendar and contact management applications.

    Release is slated for September.

    Thanks,Nick Bertolino

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