Preview #3 – PipelineDeals Mercury Release – The New Home Page


In this preview of our upcoming Mercury release, we take a look at the new and improved PipelineDeals Home Page.  The home page is your hub to manage your sales pipeline and keep track of your sales team’s activities.    The modules on the home page are:

  • Weekly Agenda – upcoming view of your key sales related activities for the next 7 days
  • Sales Dashboard – view of key sales pipeline charts and pipeline data
  • Recently Accessed Deals – simple list of deals you have been working on recently
  • Assigned Leads Box – Assigned leads show up here, as well as leads sent in via email
  • Inbox – Copies of email content sent to your sales prospects using your existing email client such as Outlook
  • Latest Activities – Key activities that are happening in your sales pipeline

Your modules will be able to be expanded and collapsed, as well as moved within and between columns using simple drag and drop.



The new weekly agenda should look somewhat familiar.   We are still polishing it up.  But it has some new features that have been requested by many of our customers.

Sort by Action

You can now sort your weekly agenda by specific actions that you need to take.  You can essentially view your list of to-dos and events by category to see very quickly:

  • Calls you need to make,
  • Emails you need to send,
  • Faxes that must go out,
  • Appointments scheduled for the week
  • Milestones that should be hit

Just click Sort By Day to see your To-Dos organized by day for the upcoming week.


Late Items

What happens to an to-do, event or milestone that isn’t completed or is past due?  You can now see a Late Items list in your Weekly Agenda.  The late items displays any item not completed or past due and buckets those items for you into:

  • Late Items – This Week,
  • Late Items  – Last Week 
  • Late Items –  Earlier Items

Just click current list to go back to the current items.



Now you can stay in touch with the latest activities your team’s deals.  The following activities will be displayed on your home page:

  • New Deal Created
  • Deal Status / Stage / Probability – Additions & Changes
  • Expected Close Dates – Additions & Changes
  • Notes Added
  • To-Dos & Events Completed
  • Deal Archived


Latest Activities via Daily Email

You can also receive an email daily, "The Latest Activities Daily Email" that also shows the latest activities so you will always be in the loop and current on your sales pipeline activities.

Latest Activities via RSS Feeds

Want your latest activities displayed on your browser home page such as Yahoo, iGoogle, or NetVibes?   Just use the RSS feed to keep up to date on your deals.


The familiar place to find leads which have been assigned to you is in the same place on your home page.  But we added some new capabilities:

Create Leads via Email

Send a lead into Pipelinedeals from the road using your mobile device such as a Blackberry, iphone or just plain old email client.   Just send the name, phone and company contact info in the subject line and a simple lead note in the email body.

We will create a new lead for you and attach a note to its profile and display it on your home page in your Assigned Leads Box.  You can then work the lead as normal, and hopefully convert it into a signed contract.


Want to keep track of all your client and sales email communications?  Now you can easily just forward or bcc your Pipelinedeals email account.   We will automatically drop the email into your inbox where you can simply attach it to a deal or contact profile screen.    If you have a contact associated to only 1 deal, we will automatically attach it to the deal and contact profiles for you.



You will be able to expand and collapse each module on your home page as well drag and drop modules between columns. 

Any feedback is appreciated. 


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  1. Looks interesting. I’m curious if the email component will be turn out to be something will get used a lot. The extra step of having to manually assign it to a contact deal may or may not discourage me from using it. We’ll see. Looking forward to it. When is the launch date? I’d love to do a review/demo and send it off to my clients. It would be even better if it was before the launch >:-)

    ~ mel

  2. We have just recently decided what tool to use in the company regarding the CRM. Pipeline Deals was my favorite and it lost because there was no release date for the new functionality (there are things we need such as “Company” page in the Contact) and because there is no way of doing a “mass tagging” to contacts, search for more than one tag and export search results as CSV or any other format. Any comments on this?

  3. Nick Bertolino

    We are launching a Company Page in the Contacts app. There is no mass tagging to contacts right now, but everything you mention is planned. We plan on launching in the next month.

  4. Any update on launch for the new design?

  5. JP Werlin

    Marcos –

    All things being equal, we launch today!

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