Preview #2 – PipelineDeals Mercury Release – New Contact Management


Today, we are previewing some of the new features of the newly redesigned Contact Management application within the PipelineDeals upcoming Mercury release.  The Contacts Management application or the Contacts tab is part of the PipelineDeals simple CRM solution.


Our existing Contact Management application, although good, needed an upgrade and some key design improvements.   Some of the design flaws and issues that we are trying to address:

  • Customers were often confused by the current contacts landing page.  More specifically, many customers believe that there is a relationship between the 3 columns: companies, tags and lead sources. 
  • Today, it is painful on the eyes to find a company if you have a long list of companies on your contacts page.
  • We are also very limited in providing ways to get contacts or leads into PipelineDeals.  We only support one version of Outlook importing.
  • There is no easy way to differentiate your contacts vs others, if you are sharing contacts across your team or company.
  • There is limited ability to add custom fields.
  • We are missing some key contact fields – including fax #.


The focus of the new contacts landing page is the number one task you will need to do with your contacts:  Find them quickly and easily to get their basic contact information or add a note.    

You can find your contacts by searching or you can find them by browsing the Rolodex letter tabs on the right.   You can also search as you can today by tag, or lead source, and company.

There is a cleaner business card presentation that will show two (2) phone numbers – including a fax number if available.  We are also exposing five (5) recent contacts at the top of the page.   


Easier Importing

The new contacts management will offer more options to get your contacts and leads into PipelineDeals. Specifically, we will support the following importing formats:

  • A  general Contacts/ Leads CSV file (in a specific format) and that will auto-assign leads to your team members
  • Microsoft Outlook CSV files
  • vCards – single and multi-card files
  • ACT 9.0 txt files
  • CSVs
  • Custom Import – we will do these for you if you have some very specific needs, then expose the format to your all members of your team; 
  • We will also be able to support custom fields for any custom import


We cleaned up our contacts profile page with a simple and clean design.  This page is basically your hub for working and managing a key contact or client relationship.    It contains all relevant information for your contact or lead:  To-dos & events, notes, tags and custom fields.

Simpler To-dos and Events

You can add to-dos and events for your contact (formerly reminders) with an associated due date, and / or category.  The to-dos will  show on your calendar and weekly agenda as they do today.

Business Card

Quickly and easily locate the contact’s business card which contains all relevant contact info: phone numbers, address and email address.



You can easily edit the business card contact info  using quick and easy in-line editing.  There is one click to switch between home and work contact information.



We are expanding our capabilities to house and view more information as it relates to companies.  You will notice a new company directory, which is just that – a simple Rolodex of companies associated with your contacts.   

You can type a few letters of the company name to quickly find a company. This is very useful if you have hundreds or even thousands of companies in your sales pipeline.  Click on the company name and you will find all contacts at a specific company.



This is a new page, and basically will help you with the following tasks:

  • How do I find all the contacts at a specific company?
  • What is the latest company contact information?
  • What conversations have happened with all of our key contacts at this specific company?  This will give you context before communicating to your contacts.
  • Who do we know at Company ABC?  When was the last communication?
  • What is the relevant background for this company?


We have a few more features for Contacts which we will show in a another post.

As always, any feedback or comments are appreciated.

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  1. I’m loving this so far.

    I have 1 suggestion/request. Add the text box to add notes right on the person’s profile page, instead of making it an additional click to add notes.

    It doesn’t seem that big of a deal when you think of adding 1 note… but when you’re calling 60 people… the clicks added up… in time (gaps between calls) and in mental fatigue. A mole starts to seem like a mountain.

    Got questions? Call me at (916) 743-9369 or email me at melvin[at]volcanicmarketing[dot]com.

    ~ mel

    Melvin RamVolcanic Internet Marketing

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