You Grow, We Grow

You know you are onto something when the service you provide helps your customer’s succeed. This evening, as we were talking about PipelineDeals and the sales teams we serve, one of our team members made a great point. Follow this simple chain of events:

  1. You have a business selling a product/service.
  2. You establish a sales process to better sell your offering.
  3. You decide to employ the services of PipelineDeals to manage your sales efforts.
  4. You are now able to sell more effectively.
  5. Your business grows.
  6. You have to hire more sales people.
  7. You add more seats to PipelineDeals.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 8.

Of course it is naive to think that effective management of your sales process is the lone critical success factor of your business. Every business has its own circumstances and key things that ultimately dictate its own success or demise. As we are running our business, we try and distill the business down to those elements that are truly vital – truly elemental. Anyone would be hard pressed to say that Sales in not a key element of every business.

We like to think that if we help you succeed, we become more indispensable to your business and the cycle continues. It is nice to see those who start out with a Free or 30-day Test Account upgrade to a Premium Account with a high frequency. Premium Accounts with a few seats more often than not end up adding seats regularly. We have no choice but to believe that the chain of events outlined above is manifested in the purchasing behavior we are witnessing at PipelineDeals.

How this post could help your business: It is a common notion that business success is most likely achieved when motivations (and economics) are aligned. As you evaluate your business take a look at how best to position your company to be instrumental to your customer’s success. You can achieve business success once you truly provide a value to your customers, establish sustainable expense/revenue picture and execute on your business. At a minimum do those three things and you are well on your way to succeeding in business.

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