Now Live: Improved Documents Features

Launching soon in our next release will be some improved documents features. There are 3 new features we are rolling out:

1. Sharing Documents – Your administrator will now be able to upload documents and have them appear in a new shared document section for each of your team mates.

2. Contacts Documents – Documents will now be able to be uploaded to contacts profile pages.

3. Improved Documents Search – You will be able to search your documents by file type, deal or contact name, file name, size and date uploaded.

Shared Documents

Administrators will now have the ability to upload and publish documents to a new Shared Documents area in the Documents tab.  The uploaded documents will be published to all members of your team. 

This feature will be a useful way to publish key sales documents such as company overview presentations, pricing and costing spreadsheets for your deals, standard contracts and product marketing collateral.

 Distribute key sales documents to your team through PipelineDeals

Improved Documents Searching & Filtering

You will now have several ways to search and filter your documents. This will allow you to keep your sales documents more organized as well as find them quickly and easily. You will be able to search you documents by file type, deal or contact name, filename, size and date uploaded.  

 Find documents in the document library

Contact Documents Upload

You will now have the ability to upload documents right to the contacts profile page in addition to the deals page.  Documents for contacts will also be supported using the PipelineDeals inbox.   So, you will be able to bcc a contact with a document attached and the document will automatically upload to the contacts profile, deals page (if the contacts is associated to the deal) and the documents tab.

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