Now Live: More Powerful Reporting Features

We just launched some new and exciting reporting features soon.   To access these features, just click on the More Ways to Filter links on the Sales Pipeline, Deals Tags or Notes Reports. 

You can also watch a new reports video by clicking on the Reports Tab and clicking on Watch the Reports Overview video link.

More specifically, we are improving our already powerful sales pipeline reports with the following features:

  1. Custom Date Ranges
  1. Multiple Filter Selection
  1. Sorting Columns
  1. Saving Custom Reports

Custom Date Ranges

You will now have the ability to query your sales pipeline data with custom date ranges.   For example, you could create a report to see all of your sales pipeline deals for a specific financial quarter.  You could also create a report to see your deals won or lost during a specific time period.

 Customizing date ranges

Multiple Filters Selection

You can now select one or more filters and retrieve your deals that match the criteria. For example, you could create a report to retrieve all of your deals with one or more deal tags, or one or more deal stages, one or more teams.

 Deal tags report

Sorting Columns

Sorting columns will now be available.  You will be able to sort each report column in ascending or descending or with one click of the mouse.

 Customizing your deal tags report

Saving Custom Reports

Once you build your custom report, just give it a name, and you will be able to retrieve the report and run it at any time.

 Saving custom deal tags reports

We will be juicing up both our reports and charts in the coming months.