The Evolution of Design for PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals has been around since early 2006, almost 3 years now.   We recently dug up some of our old designs as we have evolved over the last 3 years.

The Concept Design – Circa Early 2006

Our early concepts in 2006 reflected trendy Web 2.0 designs of the time. Those designs were big, fun, bubbly with gargantuan buttons, rounded fonts and bright colors.  This design never really fit our brand as PipelineDeals focuses on providing simple CRM software to businesses. 

This design is more consumer oriented and evokes a fun and playful image, not a serious business tool.  We never launched this design but built out all the original comps for the concept in this style.

 The sales tool to manage your deals

The Brossman – circa mid-2006

The Brossman design attempted to take the original designs and evoke a more professional, serious and business oriented design.  It achieved the goal.  PipelineDeals launched with the Brossman design. 

 Get your sales team organized. Easily track your deals and prospects

The Cooper – circa early 2007

The Cooper home page design was launched in 2007 to spice up our home page and display more of a Web 2.0 look and feel to match with our state of the art Ruby on Rails technology under the hood.

 Easily track your deals and prospects 

The Mercury – circa late 2007

Finally, we launched the Mercury edition, a complete overhaul of our product in late 2007.  This design is simple, light, and professional reflecting our brand and positioning.   The application product design was completed mostly in the local Starbucks with our high school intern Cooper.

 Simple CRM for big business